All Halloween, All the Time

***Dear Readers, Now that we're getting into the holiday season, it's going to start to be painfully obvious that I throw my most recent post at the end of a prescheduled queue when I finish with it, and these are not in real time ... I might try to do something about that, but I also have to admit that I'm in something of a holding pattern with the blog (Yes, I am going to pull the pregnancy card here ... ), so I can't make any promises for now, but I am sorry that events are posting weeks after the fact. 
Thanks :)!***

kids and dad with jack o lanterns halloween instagram

The last couple of years, Halloween has been a week long and all-day event for us. Which, to be honest is okay, because we all love Halloween.

We went to three parties. I dressed as a baby-having-a-baby; Linus was Hulk (although, he's much too smiley to get into character); Penelope wore her favorite jazzercise outfit,

mom and kids dressed for halloween instagram

And Woo went as me (Dang, I wish we still had those chocolates ... ).

kids and dad dressed for halloween instagram

After a night of being extremely uncomfortable and having to rearrange his clothes every 5 seconds, he had increased empathy for my situation.

But, by the next night, it was already over.
Me: My back is so weak, it almost gives out at least once or twice a day. 
Which is weird because I'm still exercising ... 
Woo (teasing. I think.): If walking s-l-o-w-l-y and lifting pizza to you mouth counts as 
exercise ... 
Me: You mean my walks from the bathroom to the fridge? 
And back again?
 On Halloween Day we went to the parade at the elementary school,

halloween parade instagram

Then a parade (and mini-party) at Moses' joy school (Sorry, no picture).

halloween parade instagram

Then back to the elementary school again to run the donut-on-a-string game for Herbie's class party.

little boy donut on a string game halloween instagram

You may be surprised to learn that after all that, the kids were too tired to actually go trick-or-treating.  It took them forever to clean up their stuff in the yard (after a great start moving the picnic table), which was not even that messy. 

kids moving table in halloween costume instagram

Ruby actually fell asleep in her room while everyone else was eating dinner. I took Linus and Penelope for a quick swing around the neighborhood before the other kids were done, and because we'd gotten candy everywhere else we'd been, it really ended up being the perfect amount.

The kids even got candy at the voting booth, and the I VOTED stickers, while Woo and I got nothing.

little boy i voted sticker instagram

If I ran the world, people would try to talk to my kids, and hand me the candy and stickers. Not the opposite.

And here's a parting shot of Penelope's "Dr. Seuss" foot.

twisted baby foot instagram

Hope you all had a great Halloween!