Domestic Woo Claims He's Not Ready for Snow ...

falling snow instagram

Woo keeps telling everyone that he's not ready for snow this early, but the very first day he went cross-country skiing.

cross country ski track instagram

And the next day took the 4 older kids sledding.

kids sledding instagram

Penelope got to venture outside once for a walk, and she was not happy about the snowsuit.

baby crying in snowsuit instagram

Linus, on the other hand, was delighted.  He thinks the snow outside means he can now wear his snowsuit all day, every day. Good thing he practiced putting it on all by himself this summer.

baby crying in snowsuit instagram

The snow seems to have spurred Woo into action around the house.  He moved the wooden spool table into the house (almost exclusively by himself -- that thing is heavy!).

little boy rustic wooden table spool instagram

Broke the hacksaw blade trying to fix Penelope's chair so it would work with the table, and cut the remaining 7/8 of it with half the blade in his hands.

Put all the summer recreation stuff in the mudroom closet down in the basement, and brought up the winter recreation stuff.

Squirted insulation behind his closet (something he's been meaning to do for months ... )

And was rewarded for it all with a giant frosted flake (and a grateful wife).

giant frosted corn flake instagram

Besides sledding, he took the three older kids to the library's Halloween party.

What can I say? I'm tired this year, so we just let the kids pick out whatever costume they wanted from the thrift store.

We still don't know what Herbie is (a storm trooper?).

trick or treating kids instagram

Or Ruby, for that matter, but we know that she's spooky.  Really, really spooky.

trick or treating kids instagram

There's no question what Moses is. 

On seeing his shadow,
I'm a moose, Dad!!
I really am a moose!!!
little boy moose costume shadow

He also took them to a memorial service for Dalen.
Ruby: Dad! There's this man! 
He's really nice! 
(Woo starts to get alarmed ... )
And he has a phone with Grandma and Grandpa on it!
That man is your Uncle Kai, Ruby.