Giant Wooden Spools

One night Woo went through all the ksl.com ads for our town. Funny thing is, we recognized lots of the people who had placed ads. 

You wouldn't believe the personal things people were posting ... 

And, of course he forwarded them all to me.
Woo: This is like gossip central!!
But, his efforts paid off a day or two later when he found a local guy trying to get rid of hundreds of giant wooden spools for free.

We took a family bike ride up the street to check them out,

little girl on wooden spool instagram

little boy on wooden spool instagram

little girl on wooden spool instagram

And decided that they were exactly what we wanted. So, Woo came back later to load up a truck with 7 of them.

truck trailer carrying wooden spools instagram

3 to make outdoor, patio tables with,

little boy on wooden spool instagram

3 for the kids to play on, 

little boy on wooden spool instagram

and 1 giant one to be made into a new dining room table.

One of the things I admire about Woo (even though, I find it impossible to do myself) is that when he sets his mind on a project, he doesn't stop for food, sleep, anything, until it's done.

When he said he wanted to make one into a dining room table, I thought that maybe I'd see it next spring, but he worked relentlessly on that thing and got it done last night.

I'm pretty excited about it. It looks great, and as soon as I can get it sealed, we'll put it to use. 

Thanks, Woo! Best anniversary ever?

little boy sitting in leaves instagram
Me: What's your favorite dessert, guys? 
Moses: Hmmmm ... I have two favorites! 
Cinnamon rolls and ... 
You don't say??

little boy sitting in leaves instagram

Entering a store:
Moses: Can we come here for my birthday? 
Me: I thought you wanted to go to Goodyear for your birthday, Moses? 
Moses: Chinese Goodyear?
Chinese Goodyear for my birthday?! 
Guys! We're going to Chinese Goodyear for my birthday!! 
Woo: I think you're thinking of Chinese New Year, Moses ...
little boys hiking brothers instagram

I used to try to guide the kids into working out their differences by themselves, but since I've realized that they're often just bickering for bickering's sake, I've changed tactics.

As soon as an argument breaks out, I have them hug and kiss each other, and then either say they love each other or list two nice things about the other.

It's been pretty effective, but something tells me that Linus doesn't quite get it.
Linus: I. love. you. Her-bie!  
Two. nice. things!
little boys hiking brothers instagram

Carrot, Dad?

baby with carrot instagram

(Pssst --- See how the table that we made from one of the spools turned out!)