Mucho Grande Paint Prep

I wish that just emptying the cupboards was all I had to do before I could start painting these suckers, but there was still lots of work to do.

Number 1: There was some very persistent contact paper in several of the cabinets/drawers.  I scraped it all off with a razor blade. It was actually that kind of relaxing, thoughtless kind of work, that I could just sit on the floor and do when I had a minute here or a minute there.

I filled and sanded lots of small holes, wiped down every thing with some deglosser (which, I'm honestly not sure made that big of a difference ... ), and then I got to caulk, caulk, caulk!

I spent way more time caulking all those gaps inside the cupboards, around the cupboards, above the cupboards, under the cupboards, etc. than I wanted to.

And then I glued on some loose drawer fronts, tightened a few screws ... 

At this point, I'm sure that 100% of you (excluding you, Woo) are wondering why on earth we're not just trashing these cabinets and getting new ones.  

The answer is:  Because.

The other answer is: I've always kind of wanted to paint kitchen cabinets a fun, bright color, and I'd probably feel bad about painting new ones.  In this situation, anything I do to the cabinets is an improvement.

And the good news is I am done! (With the prep work.)  I can start priming now! 

(Let's hope I can get these done before the mess in the kitchen drives me completely insane!)