Awesome Week for Woo/Humiliating Week for Cheltz

For some unknown reason Woo's app had a huge jolt of momentum this week. Downloads have tripled, and he's rising in the app store rankings. He's spent most of the week at 4th or 5th getting more downloads than huge competitors.

His new update, that he's super excited about should be accepted by Apple soon, and Woo's hoping to break into the top 100 apps in all categories with it.

I was expecting the last mile or maybe two of the 10K to be rough, but after about 10 steps into the race, I knew the whole thing would be very, very hard.

I did what I could to hold on to the end... person after person passed me... I almost got to pass one guy, but I said something encouraging as I passed, and he quit walking to jog next to me and tell me about his injured hamstring.

4 girls from church entered the race, and based on runs we'd done together, I thought I would almost certainly beat 2 of them, but they all killed me. That didn't really bother me, but at the finish line everyone seemed to avoid me like they were embarrassed for me.

That was hard. Anyway, I'm over it by now. Another day, another 10K, I'm sure.

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Ruby is on a tree climbing kick. She's discovered quite a few trees with low enough branches for her at the parks we frequently go to, and has no trouble scrambling to the top and scrambling down. It seems to be the one thing she can get the little boys her age excited about doing with her.

Ruby has been dry at night, going probably over a year without any accident at all, but as soon as I started working with Herbie she started wetting the bed!


I know she wants the fun things we promise Herbie for being dry, etc., but it's hard for me to keep that up for two kids at the same time (especially when I know this is just a choice Ruby's made. She's not learning a new skill). I've come up with a rededicated plan for both of them that starts tomorrow.

Herbie can reliably be dry with me taking him those three times at night. He occasionally only needs to go just twice or even once, but I haven't been able to get that to be regular. Anyway, I have a new, amped up plan that goes into effect tomorrow. We'll see what happens.

Herbie is the kid that usually sits at Mosie's feet in the front of the stroller (unbuckled, feet hanging over the edge, etc.), when we go running. People are sometimes surprised that he'll just sit there for me, but I think he's smart enough to know that jumping off of a moving vehicle is not a good idea.

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Moses is walking quite a bit now, but not totally confident. He's starting to get some hair finally, although most of it's at the bottom.

It's pretty much a mullet.

I realized something a bit strange today, but Moses likes green vegetables. I gave him corn and peas the other day. He picked out the peas. Today he got broccoli and cauliflower. He picked out the broccoli, and then ate the cauliflower.

Aren't kids supposed to hate vegetables in general, but especially the green ones?