Some Spooky Stuff

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We did manage to go trick-or-treating this week.

It was a last minute decision---made about an hour before we actually went. For the first time in my life, I was sick to the bone of candy and sugar, and not at all excited about getting more. Woo was having similar feelings, but we managed to forget our earlier hesitation Halloween night when we confiscated and consumed most of the kids' candy the second they were down in bed.

No one trick-or-treats in our neighborhood, so we drove to a legendary block in a neighboring town. It was worth going just to see how the houses were decorated.   I'm not even going to try to describe it.  We could have spent hours just looking at all the details in some people's yards. The owners sat outside with giant storage bins filled with candy.

We could see why as we were leaving, because there were solid lines of trick-or-treaters from the sidewalk to the front porch at every house.

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Ruby continued to be a hit with her wall street banker costume (only reinforcing her belief that wearing suits is awesome).

Woo had decided to be a hobo for the evening, and carried a sign that read, "Will work for treats."

Everyone thought it was part of Ruby's costume and thought it was hilarious.

The most frightening moment for Herbie is when he got licked on the face by a large dog. The poor kid screamed in terror while the people around us laughed. (Maybe they forget what it's like to be 3 feet tall, and not at all familiar with dogs?) He later admitted that the dog didn't hurt him at all, and that it felt something like kisses, but he still screamed again when a dog walked past him today.

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Ruby and Herbie like dogs from a distance.

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Moses is starting to pull-up on the couch and the bed and the bench in the bathroom. He's pretty pleased with himself when he gets to a standing position. He's no longer able to sleep in church, so I'm a little fearful of what he'll be like on the airplane. But we're flying at a different time than we normally do, and it shouldn't interfere too much with his regular nap time.

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Woo spent a rough two hours on the phone with a customer on Saturday. I think he's regretting having given him our phone number--especially because he already needs more help. He's had a couple of these high maintenance guys, and he's trying to figure out a good customer service policy. He actually refunded someone's money once, just so he wouldn't have to deal with him again, but that's probably not the best thing.

I walked into the fabric store envisioning a dark brown corduroy for reupholstering the armchair, and I walked out with a BRIGHT aquamarine. I guess that chair may end up right back in the kids' room when I'm finished with it.

Woo reminded me that I have a tendency to get myself worked up into a frenzy on projects and sacrifice quality for speed, so I'm trying to take this one slow, and hopefully that will help.