Who's Bright Idea Was Daylight Savings Time, Anyway?

I don't recall ever thinking that daylight savings time was a dumb idea until now.

Ruby, Herbie and Moses have STILL not figured out that they should sleep-in another hour because they're going to bed an hour later. I don't remember it taking so long last year to adjust.

Maybe I just don't remember.

Maybe it's because they're all sleeping in the same bedroom.

Other than that we've had a pretty good week.

little boy eating instagram

Herbie surprised us during scripture study. Woo was reading... "the great and abominable..." "CHURCH!" Herbie yelled.

He flashed us a huge smile and raised his eyebrows as we stared at him in shock.

How on earth did he know that?!

I really doubt they've been talking about the great and abominable church in nursery, and we certainly don't talk about it at home.

Herbie does really seem to have a talent for words, and can often repeat something he's heard just once, so maybe last time we were reading in Nephi?

He does not have a talent for colors, and he still has no idea. I sometimes wonder if he might be colorblind, but Woo just thinks he's a late bloomer. 

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At home, Ruby's been having a bit of a self-righteous streak:
Herbie, Heavenly Father wants me to have the timer.  
He does not want you to have it. 
(Surprisingly, Herbie didn't agree).

And while praying:
... and Herbie's eyes are open, and 
(looking around)
Mom's eyes are open.
(immediately on her feet, pointing)
In primary she seems to be turning into something of a class clown. I'm told that her winning punch line is "a cow." The other kids are eating it up, and her Dad is very proud.

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Yesterday Moses deliberately let go of the couch and attempted to take a step forward. Of course, he fell flat on his face. I was very surprised to see him attempt it at this age. Maybe he'll walk a lot earlier than the other kids.

I tried to catch Moses helping Herbie "fix" his bike on camera, but they both moved as soon as I got it out. The bike was upside down. Herbie was spinning the front wheel, and Moses was standing, holding on the frame, spinning the back wheel.

baby boy at table instagram

Since we discovered it (about 4 years ago), Woo's been dying to try a restaurant here called Woofies. I've always been the one who's stood in his way because Woofies has been "serving the hot dog with dignity" for I don't know how many years in St. Louis, and I don't think I've eaten a hot dog since high school. I'm pretty much morally opposed, but Woo was craving one, so we drove through Wendy's for me and then stopped at Woofies.

I'm happy to say that we will not be going back. The mediocre food, the $1.29 ATM fee (cash or debit only), and the high prices did them in. I think Woo was the most irate about the $1.29 surcharge.

The armchair is about half finished. I have one of those looks-fine-from-a-distance-but-don't-look-too-close parts already. I took a couple evenings off to cool off my desire to just finish it, and I'll work on making it look better, but part of me still doesn't want to strive for perfection on this. I'm not sure I have it in me. Whenever I look close at store bought things I find mistakes, and no one will look close at this unless they learn that I reupholstered it (so don't tell anyone!). It is looking more 70s lounge than I wanted, but of course, everyone will say it looks exactly like us and will think it fits us perfectly, so I'm not too upset, I guess.

Seminary is still going great. I have a great time most days.

That's about it. We're excited to come to Utah in just a few weeks! Talk to you later.