All Your News Are Belong to Woo

All things that happened to Woo this week (even though this is a picture of Moses ... ):

brothers pulling sled snow instagram

He got hired to teach an online university course. (It sure ain't for the money, so it must be for fun!)

He found his dream pair of moon boots at the thrift store and considered wearing them to bed after wearing them in the house all day long.

brothers pulling sled instagram

Felt this picture of Herbie's tooth would help you all empathize with him (Woo), and the day after, Herbie finally lost it. (Of course, Herbie's already working on the next one.)

little boy loose tooth instagram

He had a talk with Ruby about weaknesses becoming strengths, and they set some goals together --- Ruby to be a better listener and Woo to ... I think it's a secret.

little girl instagram

He has kids old enough to truly appreciate his sense of humor. He can get the whole table/room laughing while he performs. Penelope (and occasionally Linus) may or may not just be laughing because everyone else is.

baby girl instagram

His office has become ground zero for Linus' sneak efforts. I often find Woo's solitary Gu hidden in the foot of Liney's footy pajamas. He thinks it's a delectable treat, that he just can't figure out how to open.

little boy in blue sled instagram

He modified a kitchen cabinet for me to store the wheat grinder in, and felt so productive, he went on to grind a bunch of wheat, then straighten up his bedside table and office.

brother and sister kids instagram

And lastly, he rescued Moses from this cereal box.

little boy stuck sitting cereal box

I hope you all had a great week!