And We Have An Eight Year Old!

little girl harry potter shark books instagram

Ruby was a little worried that I was going to be in labor on her birthday and ruin it, but we made it through just fine.

She was very, very confident that she would get a Harry Potter costume, and well, she did.  Also, some books for her little, shark-loving heart. 

From grandparents she got the How to Train Your Dragon set, a new set of scriptures, and a million pounds of M&Ms.

little boy graham cracker gingerbread house instagram

We saved the gingerbread/graham cracker house decorating as a birthday activity.

And ended the day burning the sparklers we weren't allowed to burn on the 4th of July (fire danger).

sparklers in snow instagram

Linus (every time one of his would burn out): Mine run out of batteries, Mom!

little boy sparkler instagram

Although, I think Herbie said it first.

kids sparklers in snow instagram

Woo was so excited to decorate the gingerbread man kit that our Secret-12-days-of-Christmas-Santa left, that he did most of it himself.

dad and kids decorating gingerbread man kit instagram

But, by the time we did our own little houses, he was super grinchy about it. I guess he felt we'd all had enough treats by then. 

I'm starting to feel that way too, but I'll manage to soldier on.

little boy graham cracker gingerbread house grinchy dad instagram

"No candy until you eat your corn, Penelope."

baby girl crying eating dinner instagram

And no, Moses still hasn't learned his lesson about sticking his bum in small containers.

little boy stuck in bucket instagram

I hope you all had a great Christmas!