Woo and His Children

We did get a blizzard last Tuesday night. There were about two hours of no visibility and impossible travel conditions, and Woo and Herbie were out driving in 1/2 hr of it.

We knew it was supposed to start snowing at 5pm, but didn't know the blizzard would immediately kick in.

Herbie and Woo were at the store and stopped to get gas before heading home. That's when the wind started, and almost immediately Woo couldn't see anything.

He couldn't see the road the entire way around the lake, but somehow made it around. He slid into a snowbank turning the corner by the library, and thought they were stuck for good, but was eventually able to get the car out.

A 5-10 minute ride took over 1/2 an hour. We were very glad to get them back.

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(Blissfully unaware of the blizzard to come ... )

Let's face it. Ruby's a bit of a klepto. She comes home from school with some little pencil, eraser, pen, barrette, some other kid's school work, etc. almost every day.

We've made her return the bigger items (a hat, a cell phone case...).

Actually, it's not so much that she's stealing, it's that she's very, very attentive to what's lying on the floor and ALL of it's treasure.

Woo and I were discussing it, when he realized (possibly for the first time?) that he'd been exactly the same way. He'd had two pencil boxes just crammed full of precious pencils and pens in his desk in first grade.
Me: I can't believe this!
Why didn't you tell me this before we got married?!
Woo: Sorry.
You should've known.
You've seen my mission scrapbook.
(Yes, it's full of "meaningful" trash he found on the street).    
That also explains why picking up litter is his (and Ruby's) favorite family home evening activity.

I know that everyone thinks that Herbie (and sometimes Linus) looks exactly like Woo, but I still think Moses is the one who looks the most like him.

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Moses has his body, and his walk, and a lot of his facial features. Usually when Moses is sitting on his lap, I see it the most.

Today Moses sat on Woo's lap in Sacrament meeting. They both wore three piece suits, they had hair the same length and tossled in almost the exact same way, the same head shape, etc.

And Moses will never be considered because his hair is a different color than Woo's ... maybe he'll be grateful for that someday?

Linus is still the kid who loves Woo the most, or at least he's the one who gets the most excited when he sees him. Once, while Linus was sitting on the floor, Woo lay down in front of him to do some work on the iPad. Linus broke into a huge, huge grin, and it didn't falter or change for like half an hour.
Woo: How can you smile so long, Linus?!
I don't even have the muscles in my face for that kind of work! 
No matter what Linus is doing, as soon as Woo enters the room, and he hears his voice, he has to turn and grin.

It's really annoying when he's nursing, but really cute otherwise.