A Baby!

This baby finally made its appearance, and ... it's a boy!

newborn baby mom instagram

Before Woo and I married we discovered that we were both pretty opinionated about baby names and neither one of us wanted to compromise, so we came to an agreement that he would name the boys and I would name the girls.  

newborn baby mom instagram

This worked pretty well until Linus.  Linus was 10 lbs and a lot of work, so Woo graciously let me name him. And I, in turn, let him pick the middle name.

So going into this baby, just to be fair, Woo got to pick the name (whatever gender we had), and I got to pick the middle name.

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This is the email Woo sent to friends and family:
So..... after quickly cutting the list of girl names, like Mabel, Zella, Vida and Calliope, and painstakingly cutting most of my Greek standby's of Ulysses, Colossus, Omega, Atlas and Euclid and whittling away a few personal Hero names like √Člio, Milton, Jesus, Pascal, Earl and Dieter, as well as some villainous ones, like Mugsy, Tyson and Oswald, and reluctantly dropping the too-good-to-be-true names like Elmer, Rudyard, Rambo, Buster, Santa Klaus, Rutherford and Willy Wally ... 
I was left with three equi-awesome names to choose from: Otis (Otto), Archimedes (Archie) and Sylvester (Sly). 
And with eeny, meenie, miney, moe and a bit of Chelsey's help* 
I choooooooooooooooose: Archimedes Otto.   
But we'll probably call him Archie for now.  
* meanwhile Chelsey breathes a sigh of relief since neither Lenny nor Carl was ever used, and Rambo awaits a less genetically nerdy family's usage. 
Just to be perfectly clear, since some people didn't get this --- his name is Archie.