And She Walks!

As predicted, Penelope decided to step it up (now that she's no longer the baby in the house) and start to walk. It's not her primary form of locomotion yet, but it probably will be by next week.
Woo: Is this the Cambrian Explosion? When Penelope suddenly starts walking and talking all the time?
Yeah, probably.

baby girl taking first steps instagram

And yes, once again, we have footage of Ruby excitedly prancing around the new walker while we try to film it. 

It's tradition.

little girl crown noodles instagram

Penelope got to go with the big kids to the ice rink for the first time, where Woo gave her rides on the sled, and she did some crawling on the ice.
Me: Did you have fun, Nel-Pee?
Penelope (nodding up and down): Es.
kids on a sled outside ice rink instagram

Lots of people ask us who Archie looks like. Usually we say Herbie, but honestly, at this age (and especially from this angle), he could be any of them.

newborn baby close up instagram

Moses and Linus have a new favorite game of dressing up in Penelope's clothes.

little boy wearing sisters girl clothes instagram
Moses: Mom, did Satan make the big, cold heaters? 
Me: The big, cold heaters? 
Moses (pointing to the return vent on the opposite side of the room): Because they take the hot air. 
Woo: Obviously, yes.
little boy wearing too small dress and tights instagram

Herbie has a little bedtime routine that he goes through every single night. 

After I hug and kiss him good night, he complains about some ailment (My throat hurts. My belly aches. etc.). To which I say something like, "Uh-huh?" or "Well, sleep is the best thing for that." 

Then I walk out the door and he says, "Good night, Mom!" and then yells, "Be safe, Mom!" as I'm walking down the stairs.

And I guess it always works because he always feels better in the morning, and I've always had a safe night. 

little boy holding newborn brother instagram

Well, that's all I've got, folks! Hope you all had a great week!