First Week With Archie

First off, we're all thrilled that Archie could make it in time (with the help of some blue and black cohosh) for Ruby's baptism and his own baby blessing. 

Ruby had been looking forward to this day for a long, long time, and we didn't feel good about moving it back. It was nice to get Archie blessed too, since we already had all the family there.

dad and little girl baptism instagram

All our babies have been good babies, but Archie has officially unseated Moses as Best. Newborn. Ever.

It seems like our newborns usually have at least two nights where they have the whole day/night mix up thing and spend at least part of the night awake. Archie has had 0.

Instead he took that many nights needing a feeding in the middle of the night, and now regularly goes that 8-9 hr stretch where I'm sleeping without needing to be fed at all.

It's honestly a little bit unnerving (I didn't even think it was possible yet!), but he's healthy on all accounts, and I like to sleep, so I'm not letting it bother me too much.

Maybe the third baby's a charm and the sixth's a miracle?

mom holding newborn baby boy instagram

I haven't had a baby this tiny in a long, long time (since Herbie?). I notice it especially when I'm changing his diaper and looking at his scrawny little legs. 

I took this picture to show you, but it looks like the camera adds 10 lbs to newborns too. 

Still cute, though.

newborn baby boy instagram

And of course, Penelope looks like a giant next to him.

newborn and toddler lying side by side instagram brother sister

All the kids love him. Penelope squeals and waves and laughs whenever she sees him. Everyone wants to hold him. 

baby girl close up face instagram

Moses is already looking ahead, praying for us to have another baby, and asking me to bring home another one next week.

But, Linus is by far the most interested in him. He always wants to hold him, and he thinks it's his job to help me carry him into my room for his naps (embracing his blanket) and put his other blanket on once we've got Archie all settled. 

little boy holding newborn brother instagram

Lots of hugs and kisses are part of the job as well.

little boy holding newborn brother instagram

Woo gave Archie the name Archimedes with Archie being the end goal, and we're all perfectly happy calling him just that. Except Herbie, who insists on calling him Archimedes. Kind of like he would prefer that we all call him Herbert. 

little boy wearing homemade crown pajamas instagram

Archie's recent birth seems to have influenced Ruby's future career plans:
Ruby: I'm going to be something REALLY dangerous when I grow up!  
Me: Oh yeah?  
Ruby: I'm going to help sharks deliver their babies!!  
(breathless with excitement) It's really dangerous because if a mom shark sees you with their baby, they will try to get you!  
Me: Is that really something that sharks need help doing?  
Ruby: Yes! Because some sharks have diseases, and you have to protect the other sharks from them!
First, I have to wash my hands really good ... (prances off listing to herself all the exciting things she'll have to do).
little girl holding newborn baby brother boy instagram
Ruby (singing): I'm sexy, and I know it ...  
(pausing)Who actually is Sexy?  
Moses: Sexy is a boy!  
He has superhero powers!!
Have we failed or succeeded as parents if our kids think that "sexy" is the name of a person?

little boy making crafts instagram
Moses (cleaning and singing): Sweep. Sweep. In hea-ven-ly pe-ace. Swe-ep in heavenly peace.