Our Christmas

The Nativity Scene

little kids acting out nativity instagram

Penelope was too busy contemplating the intricacies of this bow to participate.

baby girl christmas bow instagram
Moses (struggling to unwrap our new globe): Mom! This is really tight!  
And it has the whole entire world in it!
little boy spiderman hat globe hawaiian shirt instagram

Yes, that is Penelope standing up all by herself.

After crawling through a puddle of melted snow?

baby girl standing instagram

Lighting and sending off paper lanterns in the park.

kids lighting paper lanterns instagram
Herbie: I know 3 Sandy's 
One is Sandy our grandma. 
One is Sandy Hixton (our neighbor). 
And one is Sandy the hurricane! 
Ruby: I know another one. 
Herbie: Who?? 
Ruby (quite smug): SanDi-Ego!
This toy -- whatever it's called -- was a big hit with all the kids.

little girl molding toy instagram

Expecto Patronum!!

little girl casting spell with wand instagram


little girl casting spell with wand instagram

A wrapping paper roll for me???

baby girl laughing with wrapping paper roll instagram

I got this coupon book from Ruby. Inside were the usual -- I will do the dishes 10 times; I will watch Penelope while you nap 15 times ... 

But, the last page contained these gems: I will clean your room ten times, and I will clean my room forever. 


kid coupon book gift instagram
 (I'm told she has Woo's handwriting.)

The "Healthy Lip Shine" is my gift from Herbie.
Me (absentmindedly reading the label): Healthy Lip Shine ... Hmmm, that sounds good. 
My lips are kind of chapped right now. 
Herbie (very pleased with himself): Oh! I didn't even know that's what you wanted!
Either did I! (But I love it.)