Busy Thanksgiving Weekend

Here are a couple of highlights from the week:

Most people I know have a default phrase they start every prayer with, something like, "I thank thee for this day." Moses' default prayer phrase (and sometimes the entire subject of his prayer) is "Thank you that I like Lightning McQueen!"

Woo had some bossa nova music playing while we watched a slideshow on the computer. A new song came on.

little girl eating artichoke instagram
Moses (sarcastically): Oh, nice. Nice Span-ish!
Moses (dumping his discarded artichoke leaves into the pile): Look! I was old enough to do it!

Our neighbor brought over some salmon.
Moses: Yum! I love salmon!
It's my favoritest food ever!
Me: Your favoritest food ever?
What about chocolate?
Moses: Salmon and chocolate are my favoritest foods ever! 
Playing charades...
Moses: I'm incredible hulk! 
(runs real fast around the couch)
Woo: Typically, you don't say what you are before we guess, Moses.
Moses: I'm spiderman! 
(runs real fast around the couch)
Woo: Wait, Wait, Moses! Sit down! 
(Moses sits.)
Woo: Think of an animal,
Moses: Okay, I'm a crocodile! 
(crawls real fast around the couch)

We finally got him to do something once without telling us first.

He was a crocodile.
Ruby (to me on her cousin Elizabeth's arrival): We're friends.
We're going to go outside and have a (thinking) ... girls club.
And do (wracking her brain) ... fairies and stuff. 
elementary school thanksgiving program pilgrims instagram

Ruby's class performed the "classic" Native American ballad "Go My Son" in their Thanksgiving program. One of the hazards of learning songs that your parents also learned in school is that they might try to argue with you about the hand actions. It's usually best to listen to your teacher in such situations.

She wore her pioneer hat (made by Great-Grandma) for the program, while all the other girls wore paper pilgrim hats. I'm not sure that pilgrims wore pioneer hats, but they both start with "P" and lived a long time ago, so I guess it's good enough.

Herbie likes to dress for the occasion. When our neighbor next door invited our kids to ride her horse while she led them around the pasture, Herbie ran in the house to change into cowboy boots, shirt and hat.

When I told him to find something nice to wear for Thanksgiving dinner, he came down with a pearly-snap cowboy shirt, wranglers and church shoes ... the closest he could get to a nice/pilgrim look, I assume.

One of Linus' cousins, Nikki is obsessed with his stature. She must have told me ten times on Thanksgiving Day, "Linus is so cute! He's only one inch taller than Samson (her little brother)! He's not much bigger than a one year old!"

I think she took the opportunity to tell me that every single time she saw me, and when I told Woo about it, it appears that she told him the exact same thing every time she saw him too.

This same cousin, Nikki, also took a liking to Penelope, and Penelope took a liking to her. Nikki got her to laugh really hard, repeatedly. It was very cute.

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Woo was the second place winner (and the biggest loser) in the Thanksgiving dinner weigh-in: He gained about 5.5 lbs of mostly mashed potatoes. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to win it. He was beaten by his nephew, Kenton, who drank mostly water.

Woo felt quite sick afterwards, and spent an hour or two in bed immediately following dinner.