Miscellaneous Miscellany

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Ruby's reading has really taken off. She's able to sing hymns with us in church, and she's trying to read every book in the house (some with more success than others).

She attached herself to Roald Dahl's The Magic Finger today, and told us that she's going to read it over and over again (it's that good?).

Ruby's genius idea for next Halloween: a baby policeman!

Linus calls his dad "Dad'n!" He also calls all bikes and bearded men "Dad'n!"

Linus occasionally thinks it's cool to furrow his brow and look mad. Woo calls it baditude.

I think if he were really mad he wouldn't smile right back at you while simultaneously trying to look cross.

Moses is very, very possessive of his cars (or anyone's cars, anywhere). He spends more time carrying them around so no one else can touch them, than actually playing with them himself. Which is why I was shocked this week to hear him say,
Here, Linus.  
You play with these three cars.  
I'll play with this one. 
Moses: Mom, when the sun comes up will the snow melt?  
Me: I'm sorry, Moses. You've got a long, long time until that snow melts now. 
Herbie: Lincoln said a bad word. And it made me accidentally say one too.
BUT, I didn't say it again.  Also, Herbie has started to request that people call him Herbert, and that's what he writes on his schoolwork. We still call him Herbie.

I tried Pippi. I tried Poppy. It just wasn't working. I shorten Penelope's name to Lope (Lopie?), and Woo still likes PeLo.

I've reached that point where my head sheds all it's accumulated pregnancy hair. A couple of times I've looked down at my jacket, and it looks like I've rolled in a giant pile of hair. There've been some fun hairballs in the laundry. I don't remember exactly how long this stage lasts, but I don't think long. It's already tapered down some.

Woo got his projector in the mail. We've all watched more movies in the last week, than we have in the past month. He rigged up a sheet on one wall, carefully balanced the projector on boxes on the pinball machine, and unpacked a few more boxes to open the room up. All he needs now is some comfortable form of seating.