Riveting Catalog of Everyone's Hair

I had decided to cut everyone's hair once a year, at the beginning of the summer so everyone could have short hair when it's hot, and more when it's cold.

Herbie's hair grows so fast and is so thick, that he currently looks like he has a lion's mane. He laughs when I call him lion-head, and the whole thing just makes his cheeks look fatter. His already large head is huge!

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Ruby's hair has not been growing long hardly at all, but I am pleased to notice that it's growing thicker.

I was a little bit worried about her being doomed to thin, wispy hair for life, but it's thickening up. She'll never have Herbie's hair, it's too fine, but it will be respectable.

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Moses has never had a haircut, and is finally getting hair, period. When it's humid, he has sweet, little blond curls. When it's dry (like now), he has flat, uneven wisps.

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I'm sure that a haircut would improve his appearance, but I decided to cut hair just once a year, and dang it, he's just going to have to wait!

toddler boy close up instagram

Woo's hair is at the stage where is sticks up in interesting ways when he takes a shower the night before. The first month he conducted Sacrament meeting he had some particularly amusing formations. One Sunday he forgot an announcement (which can happen to anyone). He scurried up to the podium, hastily mumbled whatever it was he'd forgotten, lurched back to his seat before he was completely finished, his words trailing off, his hair bouncing comically on his head... I looked up to see the ward organist laughing quietly to herself.

I have the super thick pregnancy hair right now. I also realized when Woo's parents came to visit, that I no longer own a hair dryer or a curling iron. The last time I remember curling my hair is for Josey's wedding... I do get a new haircut after every baby to avoid that dumpy-mom feeling, but I'm probably failing.

P.S. Herbie did get to give a talk in Primary yesterday. It was harder than he thought: I had to help him, and he spoke in a barely audible whisper, but he was quite pleased with himself, and asked me this morning if he could give another talk next week.

P.P.S. I'm due in 3 weeks!