Babies, Birthdays and Books

I always think that because I feel so much better not being pregnant, I'm going to get tons done after having a baby.

But I've discovered that even if I have a wonder baby like Archie, nursing makes me sleepy, so very sleepy (thank you, Oxytocin). So after feeding Archie I spend the rest of the hour just holding/looking at him.

We've spent a lot of the last few weeks just camping out in the living room in blankets and pajamas. 

Which is probably as it should be.

newborn boy instagram

We were sick this week, also. Just a cold, but I've started to notice that being sick definitely affects my outlook on life, and not for the better. I caught myself wondering: Why doesn't some delightful, wonderful surprise happened to me??

And then I remembered sweet baby Archie and how he's been a baby beyond my wildest dreams -- how quick we (I) forget our good fortune.

newborn boy instagram

Also, Linus turned three! Of course, he had no idea it was coming, and when I came into his bedroom in the morning singing Happy Birthday, he was so, so excited!

He sang, "Happy Bwirfday, Winus!" to himself all day long, and asked us to call him "Bwirfday Boy,"

little boy birthday cake candles instagram

He got to open his presents (apparently, there was something of a red theme going on),

little boy firetruck instagram

Went snowboarding and to lunch with Woo,

little boy snowboarding instagram

And a few days later Grandma and Grandpa came for a shared Pretend Birthday with Moses.

little boy birthday cake candles instagram

Linus carefully took each present out of the bag and inspected it before placing it in the appropriate pile.

little boy treats instagram

Moses dumped them all out on the floor.

little boy birthday present instagram

We can't figure out if Penelope's going through a growth spurt or she just looks that way compared to Archie. Either way is still cute -- we're always wishing that our babies were fatter.

I especially like to see her shove her chin down into a double chin, shake her round cheeks back and forth, and grunt while telling me no.

I like it so much that I like to ask her questions that I know she'll say no to.
Me: Do you want me to change your diaper, Nell-pea? 
Penelope (vigorously shaking her head back and forth): Un! 
Me: Do you want your nose wiped, Nell-pea? 
Penelope (more shakes): Un!
Me: Do you want to go to bed, Nell-pea?  
Penelope (even more shakes): Un! 
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And then sometimes I think my kid is so smart that I take a picture of his amazing spelling skills,

kid handwriting states instagram

Only to find out that he wrote the whole thing while on top of a placemat of the United States. 

He still has nice handwriting, though, right? 

(You're still A+++ in my book, Herbie.)

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Ruby's finally turning into the bookworm I always knew she could be. Which mostly makes me happy, except for when she sneaks a book to bed and stays up way too late or wakes up super early to finish some irresistible book -- I certainly would never dream of doing such a thing myself.

little girl reading book instagram

Woo's first semester of his online course has been something of a mixed bag. I guess some parts are rewarding?? 

The course itself has a few kinks, and there are far too many students who like to turn in excuses rather than work. 

Who knew?