Could I get some advice?

Some of you guys may have noticed that I've been fiddling a bit with the layout and design of my blog.

What I would like to know is what other people think of it, which is why I'm asking you for some feedback.

I am NOT fishing for praise here. Please give me your honest opinion.

You know all those frustrations, disappointments, setbacks, February blues you've had this week? Please take them out on my blog.

Let me have it; I can take it (although, I can't promise I'll take all advice).


Actually ... it may help if I ask a few specific things.
  1. My background -- keep it or lose it?
  2. Have you ever noticed anything funny, say, at the bottom of the page?
  3. The font. Courier is so 2010, right?
  4. Have you ever had trouble commenting? You can email me at penelopes dot pad at gmail, if you always have trouble commenting.
  5. Anything else that rubs you the wrong way.
Thanks again!