A Better Week

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We had a much better week. Everyone slept well, and we got lots of beautiful snow.

I ditched the flashcards with Moses, and he's made much more progress by my just reading Dr. Seuss' ABC to him once a day.

The flashcards just weren't working for us. I don't know if it's him or his age ... I'm not an early childhood education expert.

Moses had his first play date, just for him.

He yelled, "Yes! I want to see Thomas' house!" when his mom was talking to me on the phone. Which, of course, meant that Moses wanted to play with Thomas' toys. He didn't really care if Thomas was going to be there or not.

He talked about it constantly, mentioned it in every prayer, and picked out a winning outfit in the 22 hrs leading up to the appointment. We received a detailed account of all Thomas' cars and trucks afterwards. A success by all accounts.
Ruby: Mom, did you know that people really swim in the ocean?  
Me: Ruby, I've swum in the ocean.  
Ruby: You have?  
Mom, sometime can you take me to swim in the ocean?  
Me: Yeah. Sometime, Ruby, when you guys are all older.  
Ruby: Yeah, I know. You don't want us to be taken by pirates and stuff! 
Hmmm, hope the ocean doesn't end up being something of a disappointment ...

Linus has gotten even more affectionate with Penelope, if possible. He tries to hug and squeeze her all the time. I often find him either lying on top of her smothering her face with kisses or (most often) lying behind her soaking her hair and her forehead with his smooches.

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If she's sitting in my lap, he'll also climb in my lap and wrap both arms around her head, his hands grasping her ear on the far side.

Sometimes if he's hurt and crying, he'll go to her for a hug and kiss to feel better instead of me. 

little boy hugging baby girl instagram

Penelope, for her part, has decided she's not that excited about Linus. She does a lot of whining when he gets near. But, she seems to be getting two more new teeth, so she's been doing a lot of whining anyway.

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Herbie gets the award in our family for most improved reader of the year. He started kindergarten knowing most letters and sounds, he now reads a verse of scripture with us every night. He can hear himself say a whole bunch of disjointed sounds, and then suddenly know that the word is "abominable" or "prophecy."  We now have two copies of The Magic Finger and James and the Giant Peach, and I've heard him and Ruby read them together each trading off a paragraph.

Woo found himself being nostalgic for a lot of food he ate on his mission in Portugal. He sent a list of special ingredients with me to the store. I couldn't find many (any?), but he did find a blog with a recipe for the Portuguese version of Berliners, and I made them tonight.

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He got up early Thursday and Friday to finish up emails and then go snowboarding. He was really sore Thursday, but couldn't bring himself to pass up another good snow day on Friday.

man with berliner jelly doughnut instagram bolo de berlim

I imagine he'll do the same thing tomorrow.

I started getting up before the kids to lift weights, and I finally finished the last coat of paint in the dining room. Nothing too exciting, but satisfying for me.