A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you think of life like a race, where most of the time you're moving along at a nice pace, sometimes sprinting, sometimes walking, etc., the last two weeks have been a repeating series of stumbling, trying to get back up to speed, tripping again, then getting back up only to be knocked right back over.

I blame school mostly.

My experience with kids adjusting to time changes in the past leads me to count the days until Thursday, where they generally peak and crash, making Friday fairly pleasant. But, this time Thursday came and went, and we still had Herbie getting up at 4:45am one morning, all kids yelling at each other at the top of their lungs at 5:30am another, and me getting up all by myself at 3:20am just for the apparent fun of it another.

I was the only one to get sick. Everyone else was just moody, highly irritable and loud.

Very loud.

We had a rough time of it many days, but I'm frequently reminded of how good we really have it, and I think we're out of the woods now *fingers crossed*.

Possibly the biggest disappointment was the friends party we threw for Ruby. She was so, so, so excited, as you can imagine, and only two kids showed up.

I could cry when I think about it.

Part of it is that I didn't realize that I'd planned it on a holiday weekend, and many people already had plans.

Part of it is that she'd invited mostly boys, and we did hear from the parent of one boy (who'd invited Ruby to his party just a few months ago) that he refused to go to a girl's party.

And part of it is just that we're pretty lame party throwers.

The party was saved (mostly) for Ruby when her teacher, Mrs. Combs, showed up for the last half hour.

kids and teachers instagram

Thank you, Mrs. Combs!

Remember when every rock was a treasure?
Herbie (pulling ordinary rock out of pocket): Do you remember this rock, Mom?
Me: No, I don't remember that rock.
Herbie: You don't? I showed it to you before! A long time ago.
Me: Hmmm ... 
Me (praying): Please bless Emma in her trials ...
Herbie (the instant the prayer is over): But Emma doesn't even have a trials bike, Mom! 
This week, I decided to spend a tiny bit of time each day going over the ABCs on flashcards with Moses. I just had to laugh, when after going over five random ones repeatedly, he could only reliably identify one letter, "W."

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A couple of days later I decided on a new approach: just 3 letters A, B and C. I would hold up a C, for example, and say, "Ok, Moses, this is an A or a B or a C. Which one is it?" "A?" "No, this is an A (show him the A). This is a B or a C." "B?" "No, this is a B (show him the B)." "Which one is this (returning to the C)?" "Ummmm ... A?"

He's so sweet and goofy, that I've mostly been laughing, but I won't pretend I wasn't relieved to have him read most of the numbers off the microwave unbidden yesterday. I guess he's a numbers man? 

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Someone dropped off a bag of clothes Moses' size yesterday. He was in heaven. One of the best "treasures" was an old pair of footy pajamas with the feet cut off. He thinks that part is pretty awesome. Plus, they're Buzz Lightyear pajamas.

He was already in jammies and headed to bed when he remembered them last night, and we wouldn't let him go downstairs for them. Very first thing he did this morning? Ran downstairs for the pajamas and put them on his bed.

How many times today did he ask us if it was time to put on jamas? Too many. He took a good long look at himself in the mirror, once he finally got to put them on, pretty pleased with himself.

Linus can say a handful of words, but if you were to record him throughout a day, you would probably only hear 3: "Mom!", is said anytime anything exciting happens, anytime he needs something, anytime he does something he's proud of, anytime he's stuck, etc. He says "No!" a lot, of course, and he also says, "Nah!" which is his "yes." Oh, and occasionally a loud, "DAD'N!" whenever Woo emerges from his office.

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Penelope's had a big week. She turned six months, started solids and got 2 teeth. There seems to be something about teething that just makes you want to have your hand held. She was grouchy on the floor or in a chair, but perfectly happy sitting in my lap.

baby girl eating solids instagram

Penelope is also the first kid I remember to eat a full meal of solids the very first time I fed her. Usually they seem to just squish it out of their mouth the first few times, but she gobbled that stuff right up.

The gym in the valley went out of business (When I looked at pictures of it online, it wasn't any mystery as to why), so I got myself a weight set.

On one hand I'm wondering why on earth I didn't get one sooner. I could've been lifting weights the last 5.5 years!

On the other, I remember that I didn't want to move them half way across the country.

Woo has started to think that he should be thinking about looking for the next thing. Unfortunately (fortunately?) there's no pressing need for action, so he's mostly just been talking about thinking about thinking about it.