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You've probably already heard about the freeze in the midwest, and let me tell you, it was piercing.

We knew our house was drafty, but with the temperatures in the negatives, the leaks from outside were really noticeable. It was like walking through ice water every time we walked past the front door. At the end of the second day, I finally tacked up a heavy blanket over it.

Anyway, we're out of that now, and are truly enjoying our days in the 20s and 30s. Hopefully, those were our coldest days of the winter.

The plus side (which I do appreciate) is that we'll have much fewer bugs in the spring since the ground froze so deep.

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Wednesday evening, I was calmly informed that Woo's app was done.

On Saturday evening, it was finally submitted, but don't congratulate us, we're not happy about it.

Woo is "100% sure" that it's going to be rejected, and he also discovered a problem that works now, but won't work when Apple updates stuff.

As I'm writing this Woo discovered my Christmas present from someone at church..."Only the BIGGEST corn bag anyone has seen or made!!! Let's bust it open, and eat it! We need the food!"

It looks to be about 12"x18".

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I used to think that Ruby and Herbie were such good friends because they were so close in age, but now I think it's just Ruby, since she seems to be building a similar bond with Moses (who is also pretty close to her in age, I guess).

One night after dinner we heard Ruby tinkering in the kitchen and discovered that she had cleared absolutely everything off the table. I was probably spared a heart attack since I didn't actually have to watch her carry all the dishes to the dishwasher. Instead I could just be thrilled that she'd been so helpful.

Just when I'd decided to look again for a local preschool for Ruby, I learned that the new kids in Herbie's nursery had been flashing gang signs (!?!) along with being violent, etc. No wonder the class was in an uproar.

Also, Herbie's new favorite word is "dangerous."
"No, Dad! I'm not hilarious. That's dangerous!"  
"Ruby, don't look at that book! That's dangerous!"  
"Ruby, I don't want you to wear my socks! They're dangerous!" 
Apparently, the serious nature of "dangerous" has gone over his head. At least he knows it's something negative.

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Herbie requested the lederhosen today for church, which he wore to the amusement and delight of many.

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Moses stood by himself, for short amounts of time, twice this week. He seems to be on track to be our earliest walker. He's experimenting a lot with sounds right now. A lot of "mmmm, mma, mmomms" and "daaa, daaa, daaads" as well as lots of random buzzes and squeaks.

He continues to be an excellent and good natured baby. The easiest we've ever had.