Productive Week?

I discovered that Penelope's hugs are a great way to wake Archie from a nap.

She's gentle enough to not hurt him.

baby girl hugging baby brother instagram

And rough enough that she can't be ignored.

baby girl hugging baby brother instagram

Woo and Moses went snowboarding for Daddy Day.

little boy and dad on ski lift instagram

They progressed past the bunny hill.

little boy snow boarding instagram

Took one of Woo's favorite pictures: Gansta Moses + A Moose

little boy snow board moose sculpture instagram

And came home for hot chocolates (the Daddy Day Drink).

little boy ski lift snow board instagram

Woo went to San Jose, CA to hear his hero Horace Dediu speak. I've heard almost nothing about how it was.

asymconf horace dediu instagram

But he sent this picture with the caption, "Worth $500?!?"

pastries instagram

Herbie made an airplane and ran around the house.

little boy instagram

Linus ate popcorn with a spoon in Penelope's dress.

And Ruby sculpted a hammerhead shark from pickup sticks and puzzle pieces.

siblings pickup sticks instagram