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Well, we had two people come to look at the house. Both of them came twice, and both of them made an offer on the house. We were able to play them off each other to accept an offer of... slightly more than we paid for the house. Anyway, keep your fingers crossed that everything goes through after inspections and stuff. We could possibly be moving out west in March.

newborn boy instagram

Linus continues to do well at night (even feeding once in the middle of the night now!), but he's had a day or two where naps were more stressful than peaceful.

It was almost as if I'd eaten a bunch of chocolate, but I hadn't. Dairy didn't seem to be to blame either, and I don't think I'll ever know because the problem resolved itself.

Linus is our first (and probably only) baby to be circumcised by a Mohel. He made a visit to our house on Wednesday. We didn't get the ceremony, just the circumcision, and we got 50% off.

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Moses, "the big kid," has been going to the potty several times a day without requesting my help first. Usually it works out well, but occasionally, he doesn't get his pants down or the lid of the toilet up in time. Once, he successfully got his pants down, but didn't bother going to the bathroom... just peed directly on the closet floor.

little boy asleep on book instagram
little boy asleep on book instagram

All of the potty training/night-time dryness work I did earlier in the summer went down the drain after our trip to Utah, and I was just too tired to care or do much about it after that.

I'm glad that Moses seems to be moving onward on his own (albeit, imperfectly). I was just thinking of starting up again with the other two this week, but with the impending move, I think I'll save my energies for when we're settled.

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The children sang the opening song today in church. By the look on Herbie's face, when they announced it, you could tell that all his dreams had come true. Ruby took his hand, and proudly escorted him up to the front, where they both took a place on the front row.

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Ruby has figured out by now that she's supposed to sing while she's up there, but Herbie acted like his sole purpose in being there was to stare at the people in the audience. They were both very proud of themselves, when they returned to their seats.

Steven has had quite the week. He's been enjoying? the fruits of being featured on a show in the UK. Even though he was excited, he was almost more stressed out, for some reason. Downloads have decreased a bit each day since then, so it's not sustainable, but the show was rebroadcast on Saturday and he got a bump up again.

He was frustrated that our realtor doesn't seem to have a clue about how to negotiate, but I'm glad that he was the one to coached her (since I'm actually not great at it either).


PAST BLASTS are weekly emails I wrote to family and friends over the past 5 years. Pictures are current with the email, but have been added at a later date.




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Everyone made a smooth time transition except for Linus and Penelope, who insisted on living it up (translation: laughing and "talking") for an hour or more every night before finally falling asleep.

Linus woke up super ornery and with no apparent memory of the revelings of the night before.
Linus (staggering out of bed and panicking): Where's my zipper?!
little boy twisted pajamas instagram

And he was, at times, irrational.
Me: You'll be OK, Linus. 
Linus (sobbing with rage): I don't want to be OK!!
Penelope usually spends part of her mornings looking up to and playing with her big brothers. 

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But, by the end of the week, she wasn't happy doing anything but lying in Mom or Dad's lap (mostly Dad's).

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(Just in case you were wondering, it appears that every single kid needs to discover the joys of underwear on their head for themselves.)

little boy underwear on head instagram

Maybe I'm a jerk, but sometimes I like to tease ornery kids.
Linus: I hungry! 
Me: Ok, Mr. Hungry. 
Linus: I not Mr. Hungry!  
I  'Inus! 
Me: Ok,  Mr. Linus. 
Linus: No! just 'Inus!  
Me: Ok, Just-Linus. 
Linus: No! 'Inus!
Me: Whinus? 
Linus: Yes!
Woo finally solved the problem by only letting kids who'd gone to sleep on time ride bikes the next day. One day of watching everyone else ride their bikes is all it took for Linus.
(several times throughout the day) I not do that again, Mom. I not do that again.
And without her partner in crime, Penelope had no reason to stay up.

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Why is it that my little boys are always the ones with the sweet, natural ringlets?

Annual haircuts are coming up in just 3 weeks and Herbie and Linus are definitely ready for it. Mostly because their hair is so long, and always in their eyes.

But, Moses' isn't. I kind of like his this length, actually.

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I suppose it's part of life with little boys to find cars and trucks in random places all over the house. I found a monster truck in the potatoes while making dinner, and told Linus where he could find it.
Linus (sprinting back to the living room): Mosey! I found my monster truck!  
Mommy took it!!
Ye-es ...

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While giving Ruby a squeeze before bed, I patted something on her back that was hard, in a rectangle shape, and made a hollow sound when I knocked on it. Yes, it was the book she'd been reading earlier in the evening, stuffed up the back of her shirt. 

So close, Ruby, but no cigar. 

I don't know how she planned to read it; we've unscrewed her light bulb.

little boy swinging instagramlittle boy swinging instagram
little boy jumping off swing instagram

Herbie is our resident hypochondriac. He greets me most mornings with something like, "I don't feel good, Mom. Can I stay in bed?" or "Can I stay home from school?" To which I say, "Sure." or "Come down and eat breakfast, and then we'll see how you feel." He always follows me right downstairs, and that's the last I hear about it until the next morning.

P.S. I sure think Archie's cute, even if he is mostly head and belly.

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(Because I know you just can't get enough of these!)

little kids winter walk instagram
little kids winter walk instagram
little girl and dad snowshoeing instagramlittle girl and dad snowshoeing instagram
little kids winter walk instagram
little kids winter walk instagram
little kids winter walk instagram
little kids winter walk instagram



I love this series, because I have loved reading each and every one of these interviews! Everyone has had impressive parents, sweet kids, and in Meghan's case a great Grandma. I'm really impressed with the advice she gave Meghan, and how Meghan has used it to capitalize on her daughter Evelyn's childhood. 


Please introduce yourself to us!

Hi there! I'm Meghan from Love Meghan | Little Notes. I'm a full-time copywriter by day, new wife, new mama and aspiring photographer living in Portland, Oregon. My 15-month-old daughter, Evelyn, is usually the subject of my amateur photography.

(I take so many photos of this poor girl; the other day I caught her alone in her playroom, holding my iPhone out in front of her face and saying cheeeeeese! through her toothy grin.)

What do you love most about your daughter? 

I love that all she knows is happiness, innocence and friendliness. She's not yet aware of the pain the world can cause, so she has no reason to be sad or scared. She's always cheery. I love how she laughs at things adults don't find funny, like a duck plunging its head into the water over and over again.

Sometimes I forget to laugh at simple things like this, but she reminds me it's okay to laugh, that I should laugh, even if there are lots of people around and they look at me like I'm crazy.

I love that she says hi to everyone who walks by, whether we’re at the grocery store or strolling through the park. She reminds me to smile at strangers and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. She doesn't let me forget that the world is a beautiful place. That's what I love most.

What did you love doing with your family as a kid?

My family spends a couple weeks every summer in Ocean City, New Jersey, a quaint seashore community at the northern tip of Cape May County, in the heart of the Jersey Shore. We have so many memories there. My grandmother and great-grandparents lived in Ocean City most of their lives, so my dad and his siblings spent many childhood summers at the shore, working at restaurants or ice cream shops on the boardwalk when they were old enough.

When I was a kid, my favorite parts of our Ocean City vacations were biking on the boardwalk and riding the Ferris wheel and rollercoasters at the amusement parks.

What is the best lesson your parents taught you? 

They taught me to be happy and hard-working. They weren't the kind of parents to reward me with money for getting good grades or let me borrow their credit card to go shopping or fill up the car. If I wanted to drive, I needed a job so I could pay for gas. If I wanted to go to college, I needed to take out some loans. They were always there with helping hands when I needed them (my dad taught me how to buy a car and how to apply for a job, and he paid for half of my college education), but they didn't do anything for me that I could do myself.

This taught me to be hard-working, independent and confident, while still feeling completely loved and supported. I wasn't thrilled about having to pay for gas as a 16-year-old, but I'm so thankful for it now.

Is there a story your parents like to tell about you as a kid?

Yes. When I was really young, maybe three years old, I used to report the weather. My parents tell me I'd look out the window and say, in my most weatherman-like voice, "Today, it's not tooooo sunny. Kiiiinda cloudy. Looks like rains a-comin' our way!" I guess everyone got a kick out of it.

How do you wish that Evie's childhood could be more like yours? 

Since I grew up with two younger sisters who are close to me in age, I can't possibly imagine a childhood without two younger siblings.

When starting a family, some parents do what's convenient for them (waiting until the first child is four or five years old and completely out of the baby stage to have the second child, for instance), but I'm thinking about what will be most special for Evie.

I'm fine with having two kids in diapers if it means my kids will be friends growing up. I want Evie to be as close to her siblings as I was with my sisters.

As Evelyn grows, what do you already miss the most? 

This question reminds me of my grandmother's answer to: What age did you like the most? What decade would you want to relive?

Her answer is always that she wouldn't want to relive any age or decade, that she doesn’t miss any of it. She's loved every single one of her 85 years, but she wouldn't want to do any of them over because this is the best time of her life. She lives in the now, not missing too much of the past or wondering too much about her future. She's inspired me to do that, too.

So, to answer your question, I don't miss much about Evelyn's first year because I feel like I took advantage of every second, and each day with her is better than the last.

Thank you, Meghan! So many good nuggets in there! Great life lessons from your parents, Grandma and sisters to pass on down to Evelyn, and I'm sure you were an adorable weatherman!