I love our next installment of Darndest Days from my friend Ali. Ali and her husband don't have any kids yet, but she came from a great family, and has high hopes for her future life with kids!


Please introduce yourself to us! 

Hi everyone—my name is Ali and we live in the lovely commonwealth of Virginia along the coast. Derrick and I have been married for 3 years—no kids yet, but we have the cutest yorkie around and we kinda treat him like our child.

Selling insurance for state farm is my day job but creating and hunting vintage items for my etsy shop is really my passion….with hopes to be full time job one day!

What is your earliest memory?

I must have been 3 or so. We were living in Warwarsing, NY for a short period of time. My brother, Jason, is 2 years older and I simply adored anything and everything he did. I remember playing in the front yard of the house and him pulling me around in this rusty red wagon. He would purposefully drag the wagon over the biggest holes and bumps just to try and get me to fall out of the wagon…until my mom came out and figured out what was going on. Regardless of all the bumps and bruises, I still had a blast and thought it was so fun.

What are important experiences you've wanted for your children?

I would love to allow my kids the opportunity to travel. We never did much traveling outside the USA and I think it would be so neat for our kids to have that experience. Having an appreciation for culture and arts is definitely something we want to pursue.

(Ali far left)

What is the best lesson your parents taught you? 

Ah, there are so many…! Some lessons I didn’t realize were lessons until later in life, but I think the best lesson was to be a leader. My brother and I walked to school every day and as we were leaving my mom would hand us our lunch and say “be a leader!” To know who you are and what you believe and stand for is so important. I’m pretty sure my parents still throw that line out to me now….some things never change.

Is there a story your parents like to tell about you as a kid?

Oh, yes! There are a few in my parents vault that they love to freely share...! One I hear often is how I would write my name on everything from tables to lampshades. On those pleated lampshades that were popular years ago, I would take a pen and trace each and every crease. I enjoyed it, but my mom was not so thrilled. My parents still have furniture today with my name penned inside a drawer. I guess I just loved writing my name!

(Ali second from right with brother and cousins)

How do you want your kids' childhood to be like yours? 

Growing up, my parents always had people over to the house for dinners, parties or just coffee. I would love to do the same in our home and teach our kids the same social skills. Getting to know so many people and learning how to interact with adults early on was a great experience. Also, seeing my mom host so warmly and simply has taught me a lot. When D and I have people over now—we just enjoy it so much and love investing in our friends and family.

What do you look forward to most about having kids? 

I’m so looking forward to creating a bond with our kids—making memories, being challenged, learning about their unique character and just enjoying this awesome gift. We love to be outdoors and be active, so sharing that with our kids will be great (hopefully!) D and I are just excited about a new chapter in our lives that includes kids (when that times comes).

I think I'm going to have to steal that "Be a leader!" line from Ali's Mom. What a great lesson to send your kids off with! And I'm mostly so relieved that I don't have a kid (yet ... ) that wants to write their name on everything and on all the lampshades (?!?)! I guess it just goes to show that even the best kids have their moments, right, Ali? Thank you so much!