little boy blowing out candles birthday instagram

Moses turned 5, and Woo took him on his birthday snowboarding/lunch trip. Moses loooooved the mayo, taking lots of little tastes, and then stopped.
Moses (Pointing at the mayo): Is that one spicy?   
Woo: No. 
Moses: Okay, I like it then.  
little boy tasting instagramlittle boy tasting instagram
Herbie: What did you wish f--?  
Moses: COOKIES!!!  
Shoot for the stars, Mose. Shoot for the stars.

I like to think that this random thing out of his mouth the next day to no one in particular was his real wish.
Moses: I wish I could always be good. Like Jesus.
little boy blowing out candles birthday instagramlittle boy blowing out candles birthday instagram
Me: Do you know who's cute?  
Woo: Me?  
Me: Yes. 
And Archie.  
Woo: Why? Because he scowls just like his Dad?  
Me: Yes. 
... I'm actually kind of mad at Archie. Well, not mad really, but when he was a little bit sick, he started to wake up once at night for a feeding. And now it's kind of a habit. Now he thinks he's supposed to wake up then for a feeding.  
Woo: Chelsey, he's a BABY! He's SUPPOSED to wake up at night to eat! I'm sorry that your perfect little baby is a BABY! 
Me: (laughing): I know. 
Darn. It was a good run while it lasted.

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Penelope loves to sing. Just a hint of music on the wind prompts her to lift up her voice into bellows reminiscent of a whale -- throwing out tones high and low.

But I am proud to announce that we've finally found the song that matches Penelope's vocabulary and her grasp of the tune: Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with C.

Or as Penelope sings it: Cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie, cookie!

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Linus is going through a run of trying to be the bad apple in the group. He runs around acting mad, yelling NO!, shaking his giant head of hair back and forth. I say "acting" because I noticed that he was making a peculiar face whenever he was showing us some baditude.  His default bright smile just wouldn't fit the part, and he had to contort his face to avoid smiling while playing the role.

Don't smile, Linus! Don't smile! Is often all it takes to turn him around.

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Me (looking at the weather report): Tomorrow's supposed to be in the 40s? 
Ruby: The 40s!?!  
Can we wear our swimsuits?!
Ruby appeared to be describing how to make paper frogs? At least she used lots of words and actions that seemed to have something to do with assembling something.
Woo: Ruby, some things are better if you SHOW us, not tell us. Maybe sometime you can  
show us all how you made the frogs.  
Ruby (Stops short. Waits a second before sharply taking in a breath of air, and then a giant smile spreads across her face. Points in the air.) Ooooh! I got something in my brain! 
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Herbie loves being the big brother. He draws pictures in school and checks out books with his little brothers in mind, picking out things that he knows they will like. He loves to push Penelope on her little car. But, the thing he really loves to do is teach. He'll start talking with a superior tone of voice and unload his vast amounts of knowledge on any subject to Moses and Linus. Luckily for him, they're mostly willing disciples.
Herbie (incredulous): Mom! Moses doesn't even know who's on the $100 bill!  
Me: You didn't even know until 2 days ago, Herbie.  
In fact, the only thing standing between Herbie and all-knowingness is me.
Herbie (to me): If you would just stop changing ages, then I could catch up to you, and then I would know more than you, because I'd be older than you. 
Do you know why you should do that? 
Because I really, really want to know more than you.
Some day, Herbie, some day. But, not yet.

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For every 20 smart purchases and amazing bargains, Woo makes 1 purchase that makes him lose his appetite and lie listlessly on the couch. This week he decided to buy a bigger snowboard for the kids, put a bid on one on eBay (that isn't really suited for them), and instantly hoped that he wouldn't win. He did.

I may have to take up snowboarding?