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Well, I am pregnant again, and I feel like I've been hit by a truck--- very. very. tired. I don't think I ever mentioned here that we miscarried again in March, but this one has gone longer, and is certainly taking what he/she can from me. We are hopeful :)

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Monday I told Ruby that she would never again receive any treats/rewards/etc. for being dry at night. I told her that she already knew how to be dry, and didn't need to learn anymore, but instead she could earn treats/rewards/etc. for achieving goals in reading. She was very excited, eagerly picked out some books that she'd like to read, and has been dry almost every night since then.

The only problem is... it turns out that I don't really know how to make learning to read fun and effective. We had a couple of days of battles before I got smart and checked some books out on the subject at the library. I think things will be much better next week.

I also had a similar conversation with Herbie. He would no longer receive treats/rewards/etc. (although they still get praise... They really like when I jump up and down and clap, thanks for teaching me that one, Mom.) for having dry pants in the morning, but he could earn a reward every time he got up and used the potty before I came to take him. We also practice how he would do that a couple of times every night before he goes to bed. So far he's gotten up before I've come twice. Better than nothing, but still kind of hard to tell if it's working. If he doesn't get any better at it in the next few weeks, my next idea is to get him his own alarm clock set at the right time.

Mosie is definitely a walker now. There's no going back at this point. He saunters drunkenly around the house with a faint grin on his face, picking up objects and depositing them in another area of the house.

Perhaps he thinks he's cleaning up?

Moses really likes big trucks, motorcycles, etc. Whenever one goes by, he laughs and acts as if he'd like to chase it.

Moses laughs a lot at Ruby and Herbie too. Once when he was laughing at Herbie, Herbie said, "Dad, Moses is being mean to me!"

Woo, of course, explained that Moses was laughing at Herbie because he liked him.

There's not much new on the app front--- still holding steady at 4 or 5. 

Woo is very, very tired too. Whenever I mention that I'm tired, he says, "Let me tell you about tired... " It's become a joke by now. 

He works long hours, and sometimes forgets to eat breakfast and lunch. Plus all the stress makes him sick. He really would like to hire some part-time help. He envisions a brilliant high-schooler or undergrad, but hasn't really taken a lot of steps in that direction, as far as I know of (maybe he doesn't have the time?).