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Good things this week:
  • Moses turns 1. 
  • We eat ice cream for Mosie's birthday. 
  • Wednesday's weather is fantastic! We go to the zoo. 
  • Ruby listens to her coach at soccer.
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Bad things this week:
  • Moses is sick for his birthday. 
  • The weather goes bad and is cold, dark, and rainy for Mosie's big day. 
  • Some people ask me if they can bring their kids to the baby shower I'm hosting. I say no. I feel like a jerk. But then I get over it. 
  • Woo's app gets a couple of bad reviews. Woo takes it personally. 
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Funny things this week:
  • Ruby keeps talking about a stethoscope in connection with soccer. We finally figure out she's talking about her coach's whistle. 
  • We watch Herbie slowly lick the soles of several shoes from heel to toe while he puts them away. What is he doing???  We put a stop to it.
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