man and little boy son father snowboarding fluorescent pink 80s instagram

Woo took the kids on their last snowboarding runs of the season. It also happened to be 80s week at the ski resort. He really wished he had an old school directional snowboard, but had to be content with this jacket and jeans.

man snowboarding fluorescent pink 80s instagramman snowboarding fluorescent pink 80s instagram
Linus: What is a person? 
Me: Um, a mom or a dad or a kid. 
Linus: No. A person is has a family 
and lots of hugs. 
And apples too. 
That what a person is.

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He took Herbie and Moses on a rainy, cloudy day, but not too cold.
Me (on their return): So, how was it? 
Herbie: Awesome! 
Me (a bit surprised): Oh? Why? 
Herbie: Because I did a little better than Moses.
Oh, of course!

little boys brothers ski lift instagramman boys father sons brothers ski lift instagram

Before they left, I took Ruby on her first run. It was a bonus run for me for the week, so even though I had a plan, I tailored it to how she was feeling, and we had a good time.

Then we came home and she created.

little girl legos little brothers instagramlittle girl legos little brothers instagram
little girl legos little brothers instagram
little girl cardboard robot instagramlittle girl cardboard robot instagram
little girl cardboard robot instagramlittle girl cardboard robot instagram

Moses and I also went to Kindergarten registration this week. I'm learning that these sorts of things are so, so exciting for the kids, and super boring for the parents. Watching his eyes light up when he got to follow the Kindergarten teacher out of the gym with a swarm of tiny kids into the Kindergarten room made it all worth it.

My second proudest moment was meeting the principal the first second we walked in the door.
The Principal (shaking Moses' hand): What's your name?! 
Moses: Um. 
I'm really regretting giving him a name that's not only hard to remember, but also really hard to spell.

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The spiders are out and about, and Moses has devised his own classification system.
Moses: What color was it? 
Woo: Brown. 
Moses (knowingly): Oh, that would be a tarantula.
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Penelope + Wearing a barrette for the first time = Torture.

baby girl crying vindie baby instagrambaby girl crying vindie baby instagram

Woo (trying to get her to smile for the camera): Very important look pretty, Nell-pee!

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Archie's had a productive week. He's working on lifting his head, 

baby boy tummy time instagram

sucking his hands,

baby boy sucking hands instagram

and enlarging his bald spot.

baby boy bald spot instagram

Hope your week was equally productive!


Penelope's frilly shirt c/o Vindie Baby




bathroom before

This is the side of the master bath that I've never shown you before. We have an old, lathe and plaster wall, with a million layers of ancient wallpaper, that's been partially skim coated. And we have a new, primed sheetrock wall.

bathroom before

I hate to break this to all you white lovers out there, but I am going to paint these walls a color. The ceiling too.

bathroom before

But, before I can get to the fun stuff, this wallpaper/plaster wall needs some prep work. I'm hoping you can see in these close-ups how rough it is. I'll be doing some sanding and patching.

bathroom before
bathroom before

Then I'll be caulking trim into the next millennium, and finally I'll get to paint it. Bor-ring.

bathroom before
bathroom before
bathroom before
bathroom before

But, I know if I just keep putting one foot in front of the next, I'll get 'er done before I know it.

What are your favorite tricks for doing a less-than-exciting job?




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I spoke too soon about Linus (of course). Sunday night I ate a large bowl of moose tracks ice cream. It's not that I forget that I can't eat chocolate while nursing. It's more that I think that I'm not eating enough to affect the baby, or that he's established enough in his routine for it not to effect him.

I'm always wrong.

The caffeine high hit him at about 2am, and it took him a couple more hours to get back to sleep. (I can't imagine how hard it must be to be a nursing mom who drinks coffee or coke). Anyway, he hasn't slept really soundly at night since then. I finally had to move him out of our room because all the grunting was getting to me. I haven't been able to figure out what his problem is yet, and that bothers me. Hopefully this week :).

We discovered today that Ruby has her first loose tooth. She got very excited after Woo told her that it was something to get excited about. She wrote a note to the Tooth Fairy and drew a map with a picture of her bed and pillow so the Tooth Fairy would know just where to go to leave her some money.

We had someone over for dinner today who told her that eating an apple was the ticket to getting the tooth out. She kept asking me, if she could eat an apple tomorrow. Losing the tooth tomorrow must be a more comfortable thought than losing the tooth today.

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little boy bucket on head instagram

Herbie has really been enjoying the Frog and Toad books that we've been getting at the library (and Woo has too---brings up all sorts of childhood memories for him). He has an insatiable appetite for them and the original Curious George books. At his request, we found some claymation Frog and Toad movies on YouTube that the BBC put out several years ago, and he loves them.

little boy girl underwear on head instagram

He kept telling us about the hilarious joke he told in Primary today. When his teacher asked what his favorite fruit was, Herbie said, "Eyes!" He tells us that all the other kids and his teacher laughed. We'll just have to take his word for it. 

little boy pencil upside down workbook instagramlittle boy pencil upside down workbook instagram

Woo continues to tease Moses, "Can I have your cookie, Moses?" "NO! Dad-ee!" "Can I play with your cars?" "NO!"

Woo's conditioned him to the point where he'll answer, "NO!" to any question asked (Okay, it probably doesn't have much to do with Woo. He'd do it anyway).

Moses was grouchy and clingy when I took him down to nursery today, so I went straight to the cupboard to get a truck to occupy him while I left. Not a second after I handed him the fire truck, two other kids made grabs for it. Moses' forceful, "NO! NO!" was much more effective with them, then it is with his big brother and sister.

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Woo made a short trip to Chicago this week. He's been invited to speak at a couple of conferences this month. It probably wasn't the best use of his time, but he did enjoy talking about something he loves  with people who actually might care.

I had kind of an adventurous Sunday. I was in the mothers' lounge feeding Linus, when an older sister having a breakdown and another sister came in. The first sister was yelling and shouting and crying, and really, I couldn't blame her. I've had moments of frustration myself, even punching the couch in one memorable (and hilarious in retrospect) incident, and my life isn't 1/20th as hard as hers is. She was crying and wanted to go home. The second sister started to cry and took her home, asking me to teach the lesson that the first sister was supposed to teach in 10 minutes. Luckily it was fast Sunday. I just gave a longish testimony, and opened it up to the room for others' testimonies. I think it went well.


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