This is my favorite quote from today's Darndest Days: But most of all I hope that he knows that whatever he does, we are always here, by his side loving him unconditionally.

Isn't that wonderful? That's something that I also hope for my children, but maybe hadn't quite consciously known that was one of my goals until now.


Please introduce yourself to us!

Hi, I am Hena Tayeb from Hena Tayeb Photography. I am a SHWM, wife of M and mother of D. When I am not cooking and caring, sometimes DIYing and often blogging, we are fulfilling our dream of travel. There I capture our adventures, gorgeous architecture and stunning cityscapes.

What important experiences have you wanted for your children? 

Travel. My husband and I both love to travel and we never had the opportunity to travel as children so it is important to us to give our children the opportunity to see the world, learn and explore.

Faith. We want.. would hope our children have faith, believe in God, our culture and traditions.

Reading. I want to share with my children my love of books. To be able to experience worlds upon worlds, stories, tales and adventures through the wonder that are books.

What is the best lesson your parents taught you? 

Family. My parents taught us the importance of family. While my immediate family is small I am in an enormous extended family. My father is the eighth of nine children. My mother the fourth of six. We have dozens of cousins and I have lost track of all of their kids.. just think a lot!

My parents taught us about respect. No matter what family does or says, whether you agree with members or not. You always show respect. The lesson works for non family too.. and it’s a great lesson.

What is the best lesson your son has taught you? 

Lol ... I have an almost three year old. He has taught me that there is no such thing as a plan, when things start to go off course you just have to take a deep breath and go with the flow.

He has taught me to be spontaneous. He has taught me patience. He has taught me love that I didn’t know existed.

And I can not wait to see what else he has in store for me.

Is there a story your parents liked to tell about you as a kid? 

Oh God there are so many, I was a bit over dramatic as a child.. I think D got that from me. I accused my mom of trying to flush me down the toilet and suck me up the vacuum. I suppose I had some trust issues too.

But the story my parents tell the most, with great pride, I must add, is that I picked out my own first birthday cake. It was a big bird one.

(baby Hena)

Have you ever worried about having inadequacies as parent? How have you overcome that? 

Don’t we all? We have our good days and bad days.. but in the end you have to have faith and believe that you are doing the best that you can.

What helps you get through hard days?

Knowing that my husband will be home in a few hours to take over helps. He is such a wonderful father, he being by my side helps.

(Hena's husband M)

What do you hope you are teaching your children?

Love, respect, kindness… all those good things. Creativity, independence, curiosity… this list could go on forever. But most of all I hope that he knows that whatever he does, we are always here, by his side loving him unconditionally.

What do you love most about your son?

Can I say everything? I love the way he loves.. hugs you so tight and kisses all over. I love his cuddles.. he’s always so warm. I love his laugh.. and how the most silliest things can get him to giggle. I love his obsession with the alphabet..

Thank you, Hena! I too believe that sometimes you just have to have faith and believe that we're doing the best that we can as we try to imperfectly parent our littles. What do you think?