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Moses completed another milestone: Kindergarten shots.

We had a much different experience than last time. Part of that was we prepared Moses better. I don't think that I said a single word about it to Herbie beforehand (Sorry, Herb!). But with Moses, we remembered him the night before in our prayers, and he asked that he'd be brave in his own. We talked about how it would only hurt for a little while and why we get shots.

Woo held his hand (I was holding Penelope), and Moses' face got red. His breathing got fast and shallow. His little lip quivered, then opened wide, and he said, "Ouch." But it was over before he knew it; he never cried, and he had three awesome bandaids to show for it.

little boy pediatrician doctor instagram

One night we had Channa Masala for dinner.
Me: Do you guys know where India is?  
Moses: Yes! It's in Chicago!  
Herbie: It's by England and Europe and China! 
Ruby (running to look at the globe): It's on the lower left of China! 
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Woo: Ruby, do you need to go to the bathroom?  
Ruby: No.  
Woo: Can you hold still then?  
Ruby (after less than one second of holding still) Oh! I actually do need to go to the bathroom!
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Linus is at a comfortable age and position in our family where he can vacillate between telling us he's big or little, depending on what he does/doesn't want to do.
Me: Linus, you need to take your clothes upstairs. 
Linus: I can't do it, Mom! I little! I's too little!
Linus (denying my help with his car seat buckle): No! I want to do it! I's big enough!
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Fathers Day. Spoiled again ...
Herbie (grinning wildly): Dad, what's your favorite food? 
Woo: I have lots of favorite foods -- gelato, Lays potato chips, steak -- 
Me: Mashed potatoes. 
Woo: Mashed pota -- 
Herbie (eyes widening): Ok! That's enough! 
(Moses walks by.)
Herbie: Moses, don't tell Dad about the secret.  
The secret for Fathers Day
(Wink, wink.)

Yes, Archie knows how to smile, but he's apparently much more comfortable looking perplexed. (Take it from me, that smiling is hard work!) In fact, it was getting to the point were Woo was starting to believe that I'd made the whole thing up. But then, he smiled at Woo this morning. Whew!

newborn boy baby instagram
newborn boy baby instagramnewborn boy baby instagram

For some reason, I often use the word "adorable" at the same time I'm looking at Archie.

newborn boy baby instagram

Penelope, our little prodigy, discovering underpants on her head at only 20 months ...

baby girl underwear on head instagram
baby girl underwear on head instagram

I finally read the owners manual to the camera for the very first time. Then I took about 10 million pictures.

I took some of the house, some of the kids, some of the house again. And then of the kids.

The first day it was kind of fun, but by the second day I was exhausted. So glad that's not my day job! In the end, I got better pictures of the house, but not of the kids. (They're still cute, though.)

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Woo's had a disappointing week. He went snowboarding one day (not disappointing), and the next day got all his clothes on, put all his gear by the door, got his hopes up, sat down at the computer for a quick email, and ... didn't get up again until it was too late to go.

Our brake pad light was on. He ordered special brake pads, drove down to a friends to change them, worked in the freezing cold and dark, and ... the brake pads weren't worn down.

Also, not from a lack of wishing, but no gelato, Lays potato chips or sugar cookies magically fell into his lap the whole, entire week.

Hope your week was better!