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Moses became a walker today, and I missed the whole thing.

I was at Seminary Graduation, but Woo got it on film, and showed me when I got home.

Moses has my demeanor--- not a smile or any sign of emotion--- just straight poker face as he walked across the house and everyone cheered.

I'll have to start putting shoes on him now, but I'm relieved that our park visits will no longer be a choice between him sitting in the dirt or him sitting in the swing the whole time.

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We had a few thunderstorms this week, and Herbie's decided that loud noises scare him. As soon as he hears thunder, he immediately plugs his ears. It turns out that it's pretty tough to do a lot of things when both your hands are in your ears.

One night, soon after putting him to bed, I heard, "Mom! Mom!" I went to the door to talk to him, but it was pretty clear that he couldn't hear a word I said. He was lying in bed sweating (faint rumble of thunder in the background), hands glued to his ears, eyes screwed shut, face grimacing... I touched him, "My nose itches." I scratched it. "My eye itches." I scratched it. He dismissed me.

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Ruby enthusiastically wore a dress for the first time ever today. When I went in this morning, she was wearing her new blue dress, and she jumped up and down showing me how she'd zipped it up all by herself.

I threw her off when I told her she looked adorable. "No, Mom! I look nice." That's fine. Nice is good too.

I don't know where her sudden change of heart came from, but she did said, "Mom, people at church are going to see this dress." Maybe she's figuring out that other people like to see her in a cute, frilly dress.

Woo's had a rough week. Very rough. His ear bled (like constant dripping) for about a day after cleaning it with a Q-tip. He consulted our resident medical student today, but all he would tell me about it is that he has three days left to live.

I think that means that it's nothing.

His calling in church with the young men has been more than he's bargained for. I imagine all deacons are a challenge, but this batch is all recent converts (like within the last couple of months), and they come from less than ideal circumstances.

One of them even has a record--- auto theft.

Today was not fun. He could probably use your prayers.

Seminary continues to be my most favorite calling ever. How many other callings give you a summer vacation? Mine starts tomorrow.

We've started playing Ultimate Frisbee with some other couples again, and I've started systematically inviting other girls and their kids to go running with us. There might be a running partner here for me after all. We'll see.