antique sofa make over before

This is a love seat that I picked up on ksl.com last summer for $25, and I'm now ready to refinish her. As, you can see she's in pretty bad shape, and the colors are all wrong. One reason that I was excited about this chair, is that I could tell that it would be an easy upholstery job. No sewing. Just demo, paint, staple and glue.

antique sofa make over before
antique sofa make over before
antique sofa make over before

I did decide to put this in the living room, and I think that I already have all the supplies I'll need: Dark grey velvet ($2 at the thrift store), can of spray paint that I already had (I've decided on the purple, or aubergine, I should say), floral fabric and rickrack that I already had ... I'm excited!

antique sofa make over before

I'll show you some progress pictures later, but I've already taken the whole thing apart, and I'm pretty sure that's going to be the hardest part -- the person who redid the chair before me used a million, super-long staples. I get to paint the frame tomorrow!




little kids ipod costumes instagram

One morning at breakfast Ruby was apparently weighing the pros and cons of doing bad stuff because the second I walked into another room, I heard her tell Herbie, "I wish Heavenly Father and Jesus were bad... because then they would like it when I did something bad!" 

Ruby is a very generous little girl. She gets two spoonfuls of ice cream after every successful reading lesson, and she always gives one of them to Herbie. 

Also, Ruby may finally be through with naps. She's only fallen asleep once this week, although she's laid quietly in bed while the rest of napped. I think I'll just continue to let her do that... a little quiet time never hurt anyone. 

little kids ipod costumes instagram

I couldn't wait, and went right out and bought a little travel alarm clock for Herbie. **This was an attempt to keep him dry at night**  The first night was very discouraging, because he didn't even stir with the alarm going off right in his ear, but a quick google search showed me that a child can be taught to wake up to an alarm, and I shifted my focus to that.

The next night I was thrilled when he woke up and turned off the alarm himself before I even got there. But the next time it went off, he was lost in a deep, deep sleep. "Herbie, Herbie! Your alarm!" He sat up, looked at the alarm, then laid down and closed his eyes. "Herbie, turn off your alarm!" He looked at me very confused, "Why?" "Because it's going off!" He stared again at the clock with complete surprise, "Oh."

I don't think he even noticed the sound until it stopped, and then a huge smile of pride crossed his face.

He really loves being able to control that clock.

little kids ipod costumes instagramlittle kids ipod costumes instagram
little kids ipod costumes instagram

For a few nights there Moses tried out a funny ritual for getting to sleep. He'd crouch right up with his head against the crib. Then he'd rock back and forth on his knees, so that his head went "thump, thump, thump, ..." against the bed.

All this while sucking his thumb.

He seems to have given it up. I don't think it was very effective.

I'm in the middle of transitioning Moses from two naps a day to one. I think we made too big of a jump today because he was pretty grouchy.

little kids ipod costumes instagramlittle kids ipod costumes instagram

The good news is: Woo finally took the plunge and bought an iPhone.

The bad news is: He won't get it in time for our trip to Chicago this week. The new iPhone comes out on Saturday, and Woo figures that there will be enough people lined up at the huge Apple Store there, that it's worth a trip to try and promote his app. He has visions of the kids dressed up as iPods... I'm still trying to figure out how to achieve that. We're taking the train up, and spending a few days to check out the sites. The kids are super excited, and I am too.

little kids ipod costumes instagram

And I've discovered that a warm glass of milk is my new best friend. I've had a hard time going back to sleep after being up with Herbie at 3:30 am a couple of times, and that warm milk always does the trick. I don't know why I never tried it before... didn't believe it would work, thought it would taste gross... I don't know, but it's awesome.


PAST BLASTS are weekly emails I wrote to family and friends over the past 5 years. Pictures are contemporaneous with the email, but have been added later.



THIS WEEK'S TOP 11 (in no particular order)

1. Penelope makes us laugh with her crazy, scrunch face.

baby girl funny face instagram

2. Ruby wins the Top Dog Award (for "a dog-gone good job," of course!)

little girl award instagram

3. Someone leaves a thoughtful gift for the mailman.

dandelion mailbox instagram

4. Archie gets confused by Woo's thumb.

baby boy confused instagram

5. Herbie teaches his class how to make claws out of paper for the 1st Grade Show-n-Teach.

little boy teaching class instagram
little boy teaching class instagramlittle boy teaching class instagram

6. Penelope starts to get little girl length hair.

baby girl skirt walking grass instagram

7. I go for a pleasant, evening run.

mountain valley pasture instagram

8. Woo introduces the kids to Led Zeppelin.

man singing instagramman singing instagram

9. Which motivates Linus to build a 3-tiered hat.

little boy many hats instagram
little boy many hats instagram

10. And Herbie and Moses to form a faux-hawk rock band.

little boys guitars rock band instagram
little boys guitars rock band instagramlittle boys guitars rock band instagram

11. And Moses graduates from Joy School.

preschool joy school graduates instagram

I hope you all had a great week!



I've been putting off finishing the bathroom for the last 2 years, might as well make it a few more weeks ... I'm kind of tired of paint prep and painting to be honest, so I decided that recovering this barstool would be more fun.

This barstool was working really well for us, until someone (Moses!) decided to see what would happen if he picked at it a little bit. 

This is really going to surprise you, but this is what happened:

purple living room before barstool

I liked the texture in the vinyl, and wanted to replace it with something that also had a bit of texture to it. My first idea was to pick up an old sweater at the thrift store, or maybe a jacket? But, instead I came back with this corduroy remnant.

purple living room after barstool

Which works fine.

purple living room after barstool
purple living room after barstool
purple living room after barstool

Short and sweet, and so much fun that I've had another idea to distract me from the bathroom ...




baby boy instagram

Woo's parents and a lot of his siblings write a weekly email, and even though they usually just have humdrum stuff in them, I enjoy reading them to see what people are up to. Last night I was thinking that maybe I should do something like this and send it to you guys **my family and friends**, especially since email is a comfortable and accessible medium for me (as opposed to the phone). If you don't like these just tell me that you want off the list, or just quietly delete them when they come in to save me from shedding bitter tears.

family of five instagrambaby boy dad instagram

We are doing pretty well. The weather has been great--80s with frequent rain, so our plants and garden are looking nice, and the house is a pleasant temperature.

The app has quit taking up tons of Woo's time, so he's been coming to bed at a decent time and watching the kids for a half hour in the morning for me again. But we're not rich yet, and may never be.

brother and sister movie popcorn instagram

We went to the zoo last Monday for family home evening. Herbie loved the animals. Ruby kept saying she was hungry. She really wanted some of that fun food they sell at the zoo that everyone else was walking around with. Moses slept.

Ruby has all of her letters down really well. I guess I should start teaching her the sounds each letter makes so that she can start sounding out words. She can occasionally count to 12, but frequently gets hung up on the number 6. 1-5 and 7-12 are great.

brother sister bridge instagram

Ruby loves to pretend that she is someone else. In the past two days she's been President Monson (where she wears one of Herbie's suits), Herbie (where she wears one of Herbie's T-shirts and some of his shorts), and Chuck (a kid in our branch--no costume).

Herbie's taken Ruby's lead in taking on other roles. His favorite the past couple of days has been Woo (he calls him Dad). Herbie, as Dad, rides his bike to work (around the house), parks it in the basement (his bedroom), rides the train (sits in the closet), and is sick or is having a bad day (lies in bed). Luckily, President Monson has been on hand to administer medicine on those instances when he's in bed.

brother sister bridge instagram

Herbie picked up a biting habit from another little boy in nursery, but I think we've got it taken care of. It's been quite a few days since he's bitten anyone.

baby boy instagram

Moses is now eating every 4 hours instead of 3, so that has been nice for me. He's awake more, and a lot more responsive. He greets us all with a wide grin when he sees us.

I started putting Moses on the potty last week, but I think I accidently trained him into thinking that I want him to pee when he's lying his back. I started giving him the signal whenever he would pee months ago (usually when he was lying on his back), but now when i set him on and give him the signal, he struggles, but doesn't pee. As soon as I lie him down to do something else, he pees and smiles at me. **I did EC with Herbie and Moses. Worked like a charm with Herbie. I seem to have messed it up with Moses.**

baby boy instagram

I recently decided to spend a half hour working out in the yard after the kids go to bed. Woo has been coming out with me, and we've got quite a bit done in just a week. Our corn, tomatoes and beans all look good, and we may actually get all of our poison ivy killed off this year.

I am also teaching seminary this week. I'm still working with the previous seminary teachers through the summer. They held seminary on Sundays during Sunday School, so that's when we do it. I've only actually taught twice so far, so it's taking me awhile to figure out how to adjust my teaching to high school kids. I'm used to teaching adults not teenagers. Anyway, hopefully, I'll get it right this week. I've got two personal stories that ought to keep them from snoozing while reading parts of the Book of Joshua and questions I think they can answer.


PAST BLASTS are weekly emails I wrote to family and friends over the past 5 years. Pictures are contemporaneous with the email, but have been added later.