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1. All (yep, all) children are beautiful. (Maybe next year I'll learn that all people are beautiful??)

2. Iron helps us play! (Or be less cranky while pregnant)

3. Running sprints reduces my appetite. Not running -- increases it?

4. I love brussel sprouts and artichokes!

5. Ruby and Herbie cannot share a room and get a good nights sleep. Still.

6. Don't get mad, give tickles. (I wish I could remember this 100% of the time with 100% of my kids.)

7. If you judge people, you have no time to love them. --Mother Teresa

8. There are lots of people who WANT to help me, and I should let them. I'm robbing them of blessings and joy if I don't. (See, I'm doing them a favor!)

9. A yellow winter coat helps beat the winter blues.

10. Don't trust USPS with your precious packages.

11. If Woo and I are mad at each other, we probably have just misunderstood each other.

12. You can do A LOT of fun things, if you don't watch TV or Facebook.

13. Blue and black cohosh + a breast pump are awesome labor inducers! Why isn't it standard practice for everyone??

14. If I feel like everyone in the world hates me and is against me, I probably just need a nap.

15. If I feel like a worthless slub, who never does anything right, I probably just need to get up and do some work.

16. Don't judge, look for ways to offer help instead.

17. Just a kind word or two and not judging can be a big help.

18. With the help of God, Woo and Google, I can figure out almost anything.

19. When you get pregnant with your 6th, many people will change their opinion of you. Some people will think more of you, and some people will think less. Some people will act like they've always expected it.

20. Some kids are easier to potty train than others.

21. Just changing the white balance makes a HUGE difference on your interior photos.

22. The burning question on everyone's mind: Do you still use cloth diapers?? Yep. Except I use disposables at night (to prevent diaper rash), and while out-and-about. I'm not into toting a dirty cloth diaper all around town.

23. I love babies. Still.

24. The best way to learn how to blog is blog.

25. I can make people's day with just a short email.

26. Starting my own blog and taking my own pictures has made me realize how imperfect other people's houses on the internet probably are. You never know what mess is sprawled out behind the photographer or what unsightly cords have been cropped out.

26a. Not that I would ever do such a thing.

27. Along those lines, I bet that a talented photographer (not me, obviously) could go into anyone's house and get some good shots. In fact, that might be a fun blog: amazing photographer takes pictures of everyday Joes' (Janes'?) houses.

28. It is possible for a baby to sleep through the night from birth.

29. I have 2 superhero powers.
First, I am an extremely good guesser. I know you don't believe me, but just ask Woo. He can never (ok, very rarely) shock or stump me.  
Second, (this is not a fun one) I can sense divorce. I know when it will happen. Even with people I don't even know.
30. My ability to keep the house clean:
Baby over 4 months = Clutter managed and deep cleaning done
Newborn = Clutter managed and some deeper cleaning
3rd Trimester = Clutter mostly managed and minimal deeper cleaning
2nd Trimester = Clutter a bit out of control and no deeper cleaning
1st Trimester = Absolute disaster
31. I'm a lucky gal to get to spend my days with these sweet kids and watch them grow up into the people they will someday be.

32. I'm a lucky gal to have a husband who works from home, who helps out with the kids so much, and who loves kids just as much as I do.

33. A carpet cleaner is one of the best purchases I've ever made.

34. Blessing of comfort: You will feel peace. Unless you are being warned, and then you will act.

35. My occasional grey hair is no longer my little secret.

36. 9 months of discomfort + 20 minutes of pain + 30 seconds of torture are small prices to pay to birth a soul.