little nerd boy instagramlittle nerd boy instagram

This is Linus wearing his favorite outfit: plaid, button-up shirt (with the top button buttoned) and quilted  pants with striped, elastic cuffs around the ankles (Don't ask me where we got those. I don't know.)

From my experience (having once attended a black hole symposium on a date), he looks like a physicist. Which is pretty darn close to the aspirations we have for him.

He obviously has a very sophisticated sense of color.
Moses: What's for dinner? 
Me: Lasagna. 
Linus: Oh, lasagna is my favorite color of food!
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(Pretend Birthday this week for Herbie)

Herbie had to come up with an invention and write a report on it for school. He decided to draw a concept car. It had a swimming pool, a bubble blower, pedals for kids. It could swim and fly. Then he had a brilliant idea.
I know! It's going to have a microscope coming out of the top!
Which later morphed into a telescope, which makes a bit more sense.

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On my way to the kids' rooms to get them up, someone scurried past me in the dark. It was Moses coming from Herbie's room. Herbie had been holding a "Story Morning" (patterned after my Story Nights*). When I told Moses he needed to stay in his own bed, he protested, "But, Mom! He was being nice!" True. I know Herbie was doing it to be nice, and I wish I'd heard what stories he'd been telling.

baby boy car instagram

Archie, your intense stare and wildly flailing arms tell me that you really, really want to snatch this truck ...

baby boy car instagram

and stuff it into your mouth.

baby boy car instagram

You'll get there, Bub. You'll get there.

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I asked the kids to start sorting the clean laundry until I could get to it, and Ruby surprised me by neatly folding every single piece of clothing.

little girl folding laundry instagram
little girl folding laundry instagram

She then taught Linus how to fold socks and underwear.

little boy and girl folding laundry instagramlittle boy and girl folding laundry instagram
Me: Ruby! You did a fantastic job! Thank you! 
Ruby: I did an even better job than you do! See, I folded every single thing!
Yep. She's right.

Here's Penelope -- all dressed up to go outside.

little girl dressing self instagram

Woo finished up his first semester.
Woo: Well, I just sent grades out. 
Me: Yeah? 
Woo: And I immediately got 9 emails complaining.
I still can't decide if he's kidding or not.

And lastly, why are we just now discovering that Moses has freckles?

little boy eyes freckles instagram

*I spend an evening a week with each kid after bedtime telling them stories about them, me and family.