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One morning at breakfast Ruby was apparently weighing the pros and cons of doing bad stuff because the second I walked into another room, I heard her tell Herbie, "I wish Heavenly Father and Jesus were bad... because then they would like it when I did something bad!" 

Ruby is a very generous little girl. She gets two spoonfuls of ice cream after every successful reading lesson, and she always gives one of them to Herbie. 

Also, Ruby may finally be through with naps. She's only fallen asleep once this week, although she's laid quietly in bed while the rest of napped. I think I'll just continue to let her do that... a little quiet time never hurt anyone. 

little kids ipod costumes instagram

I couldn't wait, and went right out and bought a little travel alarm clock for Herbie. **This was an attempt to keep him dry at night**  The first night was very discouraging, because he didn't even stir with the alarm going off right in his ear, but a quick google search showed me that a child can be taught to wake up to an alarm, and I shifted my focus to that.

The next night I was thrilled when he woke up and turned off the alarm himself before I even got there. But the next time it went off, he was lost in a deep, deep sleep. "Herbie, Herbie! Your alarm!" He sat up, looked at the alarm, then laid down and closed his eyes. "Herbie, turn off your alarm!" He looked at me very confused, "Why?" "Because it's going off!" He stared again at the clock with complete surprise, "Oh."

I don't think he even noticed the sound until it stopped, and then a huge smile of pride crossed his face.

He really loves being able to control that clock.

little kids ipod costumes instagramlittle kids ipod costumes instagram
little kids ipod costumes instagram

For a few nights there Moses tried out a funny ritual for getting to sleep. He'd crouch right up with his head against the crib. Then he'd rock back and forth on his knees, so that his head went "thump, thump, thump, ..." against the bed.

All this while sucking his thumb.

He seems to have given it up. I don't think it was very effective.

I'm in the middle of transitioning Moses from two naps a day to one. I think we made too big of a jump today because he was pretty grouchy.

little kids ipod costumes instagramlittle kids ipod costumes instagram

The good news is: Woo finally took the plunge and bought an iPhone.

The bad news is: He won't get it in time for our trip to Chicago this week. The new iPhone comes out on Saturday, and Woo figures that there will be enough people lined up at the huge Apple Store there, that it's worth a trip to try and promote his app. He has visions of the kids dressed up as iPods... I'm still trying to figure out how to achieve that. We're taking the train up, and spending a few days to check out the sites. The kids are super excited, and I am too.

little kids ipod costumes instagram

And I've discovered that a warm glass of milk is my new best friend. I've had a hard time going back to sleep after being up with Herbie at 3:30 am a couple of times, and that warm milk always does the trick. I don't know why I never tried it before... didn't believe it would work, thought it would taste gross... I don't know, but it's awesome.