THIS WEEK'S TOP 11 (in no particular order)

1. Penelope makes us laugh with her crazy, scrunch face.

baby girl funny face instagram

2. Ruby wins the Top Dog Award (for "a dog-gone good job," of course!)

little girl award instagram

3. Someone leaves a thoughtful gift for the mailman.

dandelion mailbox instagram

4. Archie gets confused by Woo's thumb.

baby boy confused instagram

5. Herbie teaches his class how to make claws out of paper for the 1st Grade Show-n-Teach.

little boy teaching class instagram
little boy teaching class instagramlittle boy teaching class instagram

6. Penelope starts to get little girl length hair.

baby girl skirt walking grass instagram

7. I go for a pleasant, evening run.

mountain valley pasture instagram

8. Woo introduces the kids to Led Zeppelin.

man singing instagramman singing instagram

9. Which motivates Linus to build a 3-tiered hat.

little boy many hats instagram
little boy many hats instagram

10. And Herbie and Moses to form a faux-hawk rock band.

little boys guitars rock band instagram
little boys guitars rock band instagramlittle boys guitars rock band instagram

11. And Moses graduates from Joy School.

preschool joy school graduates instagram

I hope you all had a great week!