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Lately, I've had a lot of people tell me that my kids all look the same. It will go something like this:
Herbie's Teacher (pointing to Archie): Have you guys met this little guy yet? 
Don't you think he looks just like Herbie? 
Some Kid: I'll tell you who looks just like Herbie! 
(runs and sticks his finger in Linus' face) 
Woman (meeting Archie for the first time): 
Some families -- they all look the same don't they! 
Other Woman (agreeing): 
Yes, it's like they're all from the same mold! 
(turning to each other): 
Now my kids, they all look totally different ...
Another Woman (smiling at Archie): Oh, look at him! 
All your kids are from the exact same mold!
Now, it seems to me that what people really mean to say is that Archie, Herbie and Linus (half my kids) look a lot a like, because I've never had anyone tell me that Ruby, Moses or Penelope look anything like any of the other kids.

Or am I wrong? Do all of my kids really look alike, and I just can't see it because I'm their mother?

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Archie's smiling more and more. He's even smiling at strangers now. I can tell he's smiled at someone when I'm wearing him in my wrap because he'll throw his head to the side, and kick his chubby legs back and forth in unison. He just can't smile without moving his entire body.

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Poor Moses is our bee and wasp magnet. He got stung several times last year, even twice in one day once. I think that taught him to quit running over the clover in bare feet. But, he's already been stung this year just lying in bed. Woo and I were still upstairs kissing kids goodnight, and we'd just closed Moses' door when we heard his pretty distinct I've-just-been-stung scream. Woo swatted the wasp, but we couldn't find it until the next morning, and then I stupidly stung myself through a tissue while moving it to the garbage.

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In the last month or so, Herbie has learned how to snap his fingers, and he does it constantly. It thankfully is not popping his knuckles, but it reminds me of that a bit. One night while checking on the kids before bed, I moved Herbie, who was still asleep, to his bed. He raised both his hands up for a good double snap, and then sunk to the ground. 

Herbie insisted on buying these bike gloves at a garage sale today, which made Woo and I remember how awesome we thought bike gloves were at that age. We just need to find Herbie a pair of bike shorts with fluorescent pink or green panels in the side now.

brothers hugging mountain instagram

This is a staple in Linus' prayers:
Thank you we have enuff, nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff, nuff, day.
He'll add more "nuffs" for a "better" prayer.

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We went to visit Ruby and Herbie for a bit on field day. Woo wowed all the kids (except his own kids?) with his double jump roping skills during lunch recess. I didn't even think to get the camera out when he had a huge crowd of kids gathered around him, and one little boy actually yelled, "Wow, Ruby! Your dad is SO cool!!"

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He continued the playground rebel theme by going home and lighting dandelions with a lighter.

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One of my new favorite things to do is to ask Penelope to give the other kids hugs. I like it because anyone who's mad will smile and laugh, and because this is what Penelope does:
Me: Penelope, can you give Linus a hug? 
Penelope (shaking her head angrily): No!!! 
(But then, she looks at Linus, gets a huge smile on her face, and runs to hug him) 
Me: Can you give Archie a hug?  
Penelope (shaking her head angrily): No!!! 
(But, looks at Archie, gets a huge smile on her face, and runs to hug him)
And so on ...

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I bet all the other kids at school were jealous of Ruby's "tank sandwich" made from hot dog buns and spaghetti noodles.

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Hope you had a good week!