Let's see -- this week we drove down for a family BBQ, had the birthday party gods reject our offering (again), had the insulation bosses come to check their guys work from last week. One of them could've really benefitted from a customer relations course, but once it was clear their guys really had done a horrible job, they sent their crew out and spent another day in our attic. They didn't leave until I had double, triple then quadruple checked every cavity. Woo was too scared to even look at all, but I think we finally got it?? I almost finished the chair I'm reupholstering, and my uncle came to finally bring my birthday and Christmas present (and since, I don't think I've ever given him a birthday present, he's way ahead of me.)

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Also, Woo started a new summer job for a very promising start-up. The interview process went something like this:
Woo: Well, I really like working from home, and I'm hesitant to commute somewhere, but I'm just spinning my wheels on my own stuff. 
Them: Great! Don't even bother to send us your resume. Just come on down and let's talk some more! 
Woo (to me later): I blew it! Why am I such a dumb? I think I was supposed to do the thing they asked me to do in 10 minutes, but I took 2 hrs ... 
Them (a few days later): So what are you thinking? How much would you like to be paid? When can you start?
He's just going in once a week and says that his first day was horrible and that he blew everything, but can you see how I'm having a hard time believing him?

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We waited until school was out to have Herbie's friend's party for his birthday, thinking that it would be warm and that we could get out the water slide and do some water related things. I checked the weather to pick out the warmest day before printing the invitations. Of course, by the time that day actually rolled around, it was rainy and very, very cold. I should've known because it was on Dad's birthday, and Dad's birthday always seems to be cold. (Happy Birthday again, Dad!)

Luckily, we just ran over to the church and played every game we could think of: relays, twister, sharks-n-minnows, dodgeball, etc. Herbie thought it was a success, I think.

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Moses (running in the house after the first fishing trip of the season): Mom!! Dad and I were the only ones to catch anything!!
Me: Oh? Good job, Moses!
Moses: I caught a caterpillar! And Dad caught some fish.

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The first line in Ruby's story she wrote today:
"Once upon a time there were six orphans ... "
I have news for you, Ruby. The life of an orphan is not all it's cracked up to be. Especially six of them.

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Archie is really going to town on sucking those hands. It's almost like he's getting some teeth, but he's not, as far as I can tell. He does seem to be pretty familiar with his own hands, though, and I've started to wean him off the swaddle. Once he's done with that, I can move him up to the crib.

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We discovered this week that Penelope knows her colors. Or at least some of them.
Penelope (pointing at a blue plate): Mom! Boo bate! 
Me (carrying two towels towards the tub) 
Penelope (pointing to the yellow one): Mom! El-low one!
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Linus loves Herbie's tiny, little soccer ball. It's really at about the perfect size for him, and he'll get out and dribble it a bit around the yard, and even attempt to pass it to Penelope. (She's not the best at passing the ball back).

I hope you all had a great week!