I always forget that it takes us about a week to settle in after any trip, even if it's just for a few days. We've had tantrums thrown at embarrassing times by everyone (except maybe Woo). The kids trashed their bedroom one morning. Getting them to clean up the slightest mess has been like pulling teeth... Today was the worst day at church we've had in, I don't know, years (it didn't help that Sacrament meeting went over 30 minutes...)!  Anyway, here's to hoping that we'll will get back in the groove next week.

One morning on our way home from the pool, we walked past the entrance of the cemetery at exactly the same time as two elderly women were leaving it.

Ruby exclaimed, "Look, Mom! They're happy! They're living again!"

Yesterday we walked to the church to meet Woo coming home from Youth Conference. It was 95 degrees, high humidity, and I felt lousy to begin with. **pregnant with Linus** About half-way there I realized that walking had been a terrible mistake.

I managed to gasp out, "Mom. is. tired." and Ruby reached her hand back to cover mine, and give it a few pats.

After a while she said, "When we get to the church, you can go to sleep under the bench, Mom. It's cooler there."

I'm comforted thinking that Ruby might be the one to care for me in my old age.


Herbie is my loner (although, I've been very careful to not mentioned this to him--don't want to label him, even though I don't have anything against loners, obviously). In nursery he plays by himself. At the park he plays by himself or with Ruby, and at the pool, he sticks very close to me. I think part of that is that he's still a little nervous of the new pool we've started going to. He doesn't realize that the entire pool is shallow enough for him to stand in. Yesterday he broke out a little with his ball, so I'm hoping in the next few days, he'll be happily playing all over the pool. By himself.


I set the big pillows from my bed out in the living room for the kids to sit on while they watched their movie. Moses loves pillows, especially gigantic ones, and he kept running (Well, he can't really run. It's more of a stiff-legged speed walk.) to the pillows, belly flopping on to them, and sliding a few inches across the floor. He was having a grand ole time. I unfortunately never even thought of getting out the camera.

I'm at that unenviable point in pregnancy where I'm exhausted, if I do any work, and I feel queasy, if I lie around thinking about how bad I feel. Tragically, I feel the best while reading something entertaining. Luckily, Woo's sister has read and reviewed every YA novel known to man on her blog, so I'm set up with good reads until I'm ready to return to reality.

After two days without Woo, and a rough Sacrament meeting, I decided to offer to stay and help the nursery leader. It was very, very wild, and when I finally escaped, I was shell-shocked.

You'll have to ask Woo to show you the face I was making for hours afterwards. I believe my mouth was hanging open, accompanied by a blank stare.

Woo's really enjoying his iPhone. Mostly, the part about having the internet everywhere he goes. He's particularly pleased that he would've been able to pay the credit card bill on our bike ride to church, if he hadn't already paid it. He sent us several short movies of himself while he was gone. Most of them were while he was driving, which didn't make me feel any better about his safety :)