The first part of this week (or two) was like heaven. The weather was beautiful. We spent tons of time outside. Woo went fishing and on bike rides. I started running again, and gave the kids rides around town on the low rider. Woo gave us all blessings, dedicated the house, and gave Linus his name and blessing.

The library (2 blocks down) shows a movie on Friday (with treats), has an activity day or story time on Tuesdays, and passes out prizes every week for summer reading. I also attended a book discussion there one evening where I was served a delicious dinner and met a couple of fun ladies.

The last few days have not been heaven, though. I thought the kids were beginning to be normal, but I woke up yesterday morning to find that they'd snuck our large first-aid kit up to their room, and had lotioned, iodined, and bandaged themselves up.

Herbie was attempting to cut Moses' hair with a small pair of scissors in the kit. Moses was putting up a protest, and that's what alerted me to the fact that something was going on. By some stroke of luck, I picked out the most stain resistant carpet known to man. In the couple weeks we've been here that carpet has had iodine, throw up, half a dozen eggs, mud, yogurt, mustard, lotion, blood, etc. on it (definitely more abuse than our carpet in St. Louis got over a period of years), and it has all come out. 


Woo had a long discussion with Herbie about choices, consequences, happiness, agency, repentance, etc. It seems to have helped after we remind Herbie that HE's about to make a choice that will determine what happens next.
Woo (asking all the kids before dedicating the house): What do you think we should pray for for our house, Moses?  
Moses (short pause before the light goes on): Back hoe truck! 
Woo (giving Moses a blessing): ... You will continue to be a good big brother to your brother Linus...  
Moses: O-KAY! 

Linus continues to be a happy well-mannered baby. Nothing stressful's been going on at all, as far as he's concerned. He no longer needs a feeding between his dream feed before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, and he's eating every four hours (instead of three), so that has been nice.

Ruby has immensely enjoyed her time outside. She's been very patient about getting registered for school. I keep telling her that today is the day we'll do something about it, but then it seems like everyone at the school or who would know anything about it fled town, and we end up not being able to do anything.

Not much has happened at the house. I'm still not done painting the dining room! But, I just have touch up work, I should be able to get done this week. I'm not sure how I feel about the violet in the living room... we'll see. We finally signed a contract with the cabinet guy... he gave us a three week time table for our shelves and closets, and we still haven't heard back from anyone else about anything else.