This has been a pretty enjoyable week.

I'm still noticing the benefits of the kids getting the sleep they need. I had been starting to worry that they were getting bored, and that maybe we needed to get new toys or new books or go do more fun things, and now they're back to being able to entertain themselves with a folded sheet of paper (a peter = computer) or a lone chair (a lawn mower, dump truck or bed).

It's been great.

Ruby is officially a skinny little girl. The only fat on her body is in her cheeks. Once when she was climbing into the car Woo said, "Those are some calves, Ruby! Your Uncle Tyson would be jealous!"

We were concerned that Ruby might have strep, and that her lifetime achievement of never having had antibiotics would be over, but the day I was going to take her in to have a culture done, it was clear that she was feeling better.

Herbie's decided that he's hilarious. Throw a shirt in the air? Hilarious. Step on Dad's foot? Hilarious. 

Herbie also really LOVES Curious George. He'll sit and read the "big George" (our book with all the original George's in it) for quite awhile a couple of times a day.

Herbie got his second haircut yesterday. He doesn't have the nice soft buzz you want to rub your hands on. It feels more like bristles.

Moses is able to sit for a little bit by himself, but I have to keep a close watch on him. His favorite toy so far seems to be the red tractor (or is that just the one we always give him?) He's a pretty happy baby, and we like him.

It had been a couple of weeks since Woo had mowed the lawn so it was pretty long, and he decided to mow it on the hottest, most humid day of the week, so the push mower apparently got to be too much for him.

For the last little bit, he pulled out the electric mower for it's inaugural run. It sounded and looked just like he was vacuuming the lawn. He claimed to like it.

We'll see.

I used to blame pregnancy for my loss of interest in the garden about this time of year, but since it's happened again (and I'm not pregnant), and the weeds are taking things over, and the house collects dust, and spider webs gather in the basement, I've realized, that nope, it's just this time of year.

I've decided to not let it bother me, since I know I'll get back in stride in a month or two.