This week we went camping with some members of Woo's family.

We hiked in 1.8 miles, stayed a night and hiked back out. 1.8 miles doesn't sound like a lot, but I'd forgotten that I rarely walk half a mile with Moses. He's usually in the stroller or bike trailer, but we had him hike the whole way since I was packing Linus and dinner, and Woo was packing tents, sleeping bags, etc.

He did great on the way in, holding Woo's hand, he kept with the group.

On the way out he was obviously very tired (after a late night and an earlier hike). I held his hand and we went very, very slowly. He whimpered a little going up hills with big rocks, but he never whined or complained unless I told him what a good job he was doing. Then he'd say, "Don't say that, Mom! Don't talk to me!"

I guess he prefers to suffer in silence.

Ruby and Herbie each hiked with a backpack filled with their own clothes. Herbie also had his sleeping bag, and Ruby also had a small bag of fishing gear.

We think we discovered the secret to getting them to bed on time: promises of swimming in the morning and putting them each alone in an empty tent. We didn't hear a peep after putting them down at their regular bedtime, and they woke up at 6:30am, which is by far the best they've ever done.

Linus is usually a great camper, but he had a few rough spots. He had a hard time falling asleep alone in a tent after being lulled to sleep in the pack whenever I took him somewhere. But was great when I needed him to sleep most (while I was sleeping).

All the kids fell asleep almost the second we started the car. We ate dinner at Steph's Drive In in Morgan, and made it home for bedtime. They all fell right asleep once in bed.

Actually, maybe making your kids hike tons is the secret to sleep while camping.

As if I can't get enough camping... I've been called as the ward Camp Director. I'm going on a overnighter this week (taking Linus with me), and then I'll be working on camp for next year.

Steven has been called as a Sunday School teacher for the 14-15 yr olds. He's excited. But he's really excited for our talks in August. He practically shouted for joy when they told us the topic: Provident Living. I guess he thinks he knows something about that...

Anyway, that's all I've got. I hope you're all doing well.