Woo started off the week celebrating his 30th birthday. For as long as I've known him, Woo has had miserable birthdays, so based on birthdays-past, I think this one was pretty good. He did work way more than he wanted to, but we did get to go swimming. He, Ruby and Herbie had a good time racing down the slides (it was the first day Herbie decided he could go down the slides). He got some homemade raspberry and strawberry jam, a wrist rocket, some emails, a phone call, a dinner of his favorite foods, etc. We considered going out and doing something fun after dinner, but he was too stuffed and tired, and decided to nap instead. When it's your birthday, you get to decide what you do, I guess.

Right before the kids went to bed, we listened to a recording of Woo when he was 3 years old. We all enjoyed that.

Ruby's had a couple of Amelia Bedelia moments this week:

Woo let the package containing his wrist rocket kick around the bedroom for a few days. Ruby, bursting with curiosity, finally asked him, "When are you going to open your spaceship, Dad?"
Ruby: Where are we going?
Us: A garage sale.
Ruby: Are we going to buy a new one? Are we going to buy a new garage? (After we chuckled) Ruby: We can tear the old one down with a kainshaw! 
Herbie's caught the moving bug. I don't really think that we've talked about it that much in front of him, but maybe we have. Also, his two favorite friends just moved.

When we drive around, he keeps saying things like,
"Mom, when our house is broken, can we move there?"
"Mom, when our house is broken, can we move to that house with the go-cart?" 
 Today, right before his nap, he demanded,
"Mom, I want to move tomorrow!"
"Where to?"
"Salt Lake!"
(What?!?!) "Salt Lake? Why do you want to move there?"
"So I can go to the Salt Lake Temple and get married!" 
I was curious to hear who he wanted to marry, so he went through a long list of impossible choices... me, Woo, Ruby... he finally ended up at his cousin. After I explained that he couldn't marry her, he said, "Ok, I'll just baptize her!" and giggled. Problem solved. I guess.

Well, Moses isn't potty-trained, but he did make significant enough progress this week for me to keep it up. He started requesting to go to the potty, which is really what I wanted to start seeing from him. He's getting it right about half the time, so I assume he'll make progress bit by bit.

Of course, any progress we make will all be flushed down the drain, when we go to Utah in three weeks (just like it always does!), but hopefully, he'll recover quickly when we get back.

Moses likes to get me to chase him. He knows when I'm trying to get his training pants on. He knows that I don't like him to go to the neighbors front porch, so he shoots me a smile, and giggles as he walks as fast as his stubby legs can carry him.

I've started to feel better **I was pregnant with Linus**, although, not totally. I managed to keep on top of the dishes, the laundry, and clean the kitchen. The living room, bedroom, and floors still are in a sorry state, and the yard. The yard's been taking care of itself for quite some time, and probably will continue to do so.

I made some extra money this week watching the 3- month old girl of a friend (easy as pie). For a long time, I couldn't think of anything I wanted to do with the money, until I thought of hamburgers. I started to get giddy, as I thought of spending all of it, ALL OF IT on hamburgers!

When I told Woo of my plan, he actually thought I'd consider buying a grill and some fancy cheeses for a backyard BBQ.

What? Is he crazy?!

That way I'd end up getting like 2 hamburgers, and my way, I'll get like 50!

Plus, a homemade burger is not what I'm craving right now.

Anyway, that was the most exciting thing to happen to me in awhile :)