Our nice long spring is finally over, and the heat and humidity are here. Either Woo and I are getting old, or we've lived in St. Louis too long, because we just can't bring ourselves to rough it any longer. We've been keeping the house a degree or two cooler than we normally do.

I've been laying the praise on thick whenever Ruby is wearing her own clothes, but I'm not seeing a lot of positive results. Either "words of affirmation" is not her love language or I'm up against something that all the love in the world can't conquer. 

Woo walked out of the bedroom one morning wearing this:

little boys and girls water fight instagram

Ruby was out of her mind with excitement. She could barely get the words out.
My ears are still ringing. I'm guessing she would've loved that shirt I had at her age that looked like Dad's football jersey.

Hugs continue to help Herbie a lot of times, but he still has some grouchy times. I was thinking about it last night, wondering where my sweet Herbie had gone, when it occurred to me that he's not getting enough sleep. The more I thought about it, I felt like an idiot, because he's clearly sleep deprived, but I'd just chalked it up to being 2 or something.

Anyway, I put it off for as long as I could, but it had to be done. I blacked their bedroom windows out this afternoon.

Ruby and Herbie's fascination with John the Baptist is finally paying off. Herbie's new nursery leader is convinced that Herbie is the smartest kid she's ever met because when shown a picture of Christ's baptism, Herbie immediately identified Jesus and John the Baptist.

Moses has reached that point where he immediately rolls to his stomach when he gets put down, and then gets upset that he's stuck there. Moses had kind of a rough day. He fell off a chair after being placed there by someone who forgot that he rolls (3 guesses who), and he was fed some newspaper by Herbie. I don't think any lasting damage has been done. 

Woo has had an emotionally exhausting week--all revolving around his app.

This week I've mostly been a Mom. I was pleased to overhear Herbie get frustrated, and then have either Ruby ask him if he needed a hug or him ask Ruby for a hug. I've been trying to get the kids to negotiate with each other, and Ruby is pretty good, once I remind her that she needs to talk to Herbie (not me), and I was thrilled to hear Herbie try to offer Ruby a couple of options this morning "those are your choices, Ruby!"