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One morning when I was gone, Woo sent the kids out in the yard to find the shed lock that they'd lost. He walked outside a few minutes later to find Herbie, Moses and Linus standing under a tree, heads bowed and arms folded, praying for help to find the lost lock.

It was so sweet that it softened Woo's heart, and he helped them do a full scale search and clean out of the shed, where Herbie found the lock (of course) hanging from the toy bin.

Even better? Woo was finally able to bring himself to throw away several of the broken toys in there.

little boys girls instagram

I really liked that Herbie's last blessing said that he would learn about the Gospel by himself as well as at home and in church. I'm wondering if this was one of those times.

Another prayer was said by Moses when he and Herbie were racing their lego cars down the ironing board. Herbie had real wheels on his car and Moses had gears.

Herbie: Your car's never going to beat mine, Moses!
Moses: Oh yeah?!
(quick prayer for his car beating Herbie's before launching it off)

Surprisingly, it didn't work.

little boys girls instagram

Moses seems to be getting involved in a lot of arguments lately. I overheard him talking to his little friend at the library: Oh yeah?! I can ride my bike with no hands AND no feet!!

Moses has been playing with Penelope a lot at the park. He taught her how to go down the big twisty slide, and he taught her how to play hide-n-seek.
Moses (running away): Ok, Nell-pea, count!
Penelope: Eight, eight, eight, eight, eight ...
Moses: Ok, Nell-pea! Come find me!

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Penelope likes to think she's the boss. She's added that ever important "way!" to the end of all her "noes!" which she thinks is very powerful. Of course, all we have to do is suggest that Linus do whatever it is that she doesn't want to do (and he always is willing). This proposal is even more worthy of a NO WAY! and suddenly she's decided that she does want to do it after all.

little boys girls instagram

Penelope likes to use the potty during dinner time so she can run a naked victory lap through the kitchen while we all yell, "YAY! NELL-PEA!!"

Unfortunately, all that yelling makes Archie cry.

little boys girls instagram

Penelope has also given Archie his latest nickname: Etchie-bawd! which is what we all call him now.

When left unattended, Archie will now roll the length of the living room.

little boys girls instagram

Linus is convinced that Archie can't talk because he doesn't have teeth, and he likes to ask me: Mom, when's Archie going to get teeth? so that Archie can hurry up and talk to him.

Linus attracts a lot of attention from strangers on his little skuut. Most people notice him all on their own, but Linus is on it if they happen to miss him. "Hey!!" he shouts, "I'm on my little wooden bike!"

little boys girls instagram
little boys girls instagram

I spoke at Youth Conference this week. I tried to go in not too planned, and relying on the Spirit. I'm not sure how successful in that I was. My problem seems to be that I can't help but think about what I might say, and then when the time comes, I remember them all, and I say them. One surprising thing is that I spoke for over half an hour and still had some things I could have said. I didn't think I was capable of speaking for that long.

I'm not sure how much this picture really looks like me, but it makes me think that Archie might look a bit like me after all.

little boys girls instagram

Ruby is still a fan of baby food, and will polish off anything Archie doesn't finish. The kids are constantly revising their what-I-want-for-my-birthday-dinner list, and Ruby has added baby food to hers.

little boys girls instagram

Ruby (a girl after my own heart) riding around the jump instead of over it.

Well, that's all, folks! Hope you have a great week!