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A lot has happened since the two weeks that I wrote: the Fourth of July and Penelope and Woo's birthday, being the biggest highlights. Both of those kind of snuck up on me, and we went very, very low key for both of them. 

Archie's done a lot. Two weeks ago I heard him crying in bed, and when I went in to investigate I was greeted by two chubby little legs trapped in the bars of the crib, kicking madly and moving him nowhere.  Now he's very comfortable in his crib, rolls easily from back to front and back again, and is going to crawl very, very soon. 

He's also started solids, but is not loving it. He even burst into angry tears on day two. Baby steps. 

little boys and girls instagram

Oh, also, he's found his thumb --- Woo's worst nightmare.

little boys and girls instagram

Moses our stinging-insect-magnet got two wasp stings between the eyes. Several people had seen the nest and warned him not to go over there. 

He went anyway. 

This is the first time he's ever swollen up, and he had a miserable day or two.

little boys and girls instagram

Prayer of the week:

Moses: ... and please bless Mom to stop picking her nose ...
Woo: AMEN!

Herbie really, really enjoyed the postcard of the junk (Chinese boat) in Victoria Harbor that Woo's parents sent for Woo's birthday. He kept reading the "junk" part over and over and laughing. He's a pun-y kind of guy.

On the morning of Penelope's birthday, all the kids and I went into her room to wake her up, singing Happy Birthday. She jumped out of bed and started running in circles with her eyes opened as wide as possible. She was so excited, and also seemed to understand that it was Woo's birthday too, which surprised me. I suppose she will feel an extra special bond with Woo her entire life because of it. 

I'm still trying to figure out how to handle two birthdays in one day, so this year I decided to make two different treats. 

Penelope got cookies, her favorite.

little boys and girls instagram

And Woo requested homemade strawberry ice cream. He ate it straight out of the container, and the rest of us ate a scoop of ice cream on a cookie.

little boys and girls instagram

We were swimming in a neighbors' pool, when Ruby jumped in the deep end. I saw her start out strong, struggle, then panic entered her eyes, and she went under. I reached her just at that moment, and was expecting maybe a thank you? Maybe a gosh, I should be more careful? Instead she yelled out, "Dad! Dad! I swam in the deep end! I can do it!" while I towed her to the wall.

On a related note. My kids really, really need to learn how to bob. And to swim.

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Linus really, really loves Archie, and can not leave him alone. He is constantly in Archie's face trying to kiss him and make him laugh and talking in a baby voice. Archie has decided he's not that excited about Linus, and will start to whine just seeing him. I seem to remember a similar thing happening with Penelope and Linus until Penelope started to grab hair. Then Linus gave her space.