Well, my big news for the week is that I got my hair cut.

The most pleasant surprise about the whole thing is that because I was able to donate 12+ inches to Locks of Love, I got my hair cut for free. I asked the stylist for side-swept bangs (which is not what I got), but as she was chopping away, she said, "You'll love your new bangs. You'll look 10 years younger!" 

She moved out of the way so I could look in the mirror, and I looked exactly like... Mom! That's not 10 years younger!

(Mom, you look great. I don't know if people think you're 21, though.)

On a sidenote: I wasn't aware that I need to/should want to look 10 years younger yet. I'm hoping that's just what she says to everyone, as she gives them bangs.

Moses hit the six month mark on Friday, so he got his first solids Friday morning. Since then he's tasted barley cereal, nectarine, salsa and a tortilla chip. Before you worry that that's too much, too fast, I don't think he's actually eaten anything yet. He's just making funny faces and squishing it around in his mouth until it dribbles out the front still. I don't expect him to actually ingest anything for another week or so.

Ruby is delighted to finish off the leftover baby cereal. If someone else is eating it, it must be delicious! 

We ate at a Mexican restaurant on Saturday, and Herbie was a perfect little gentleman. He sat still in his little booster seat, delicately sipped his water, waited patiently for his food, carefully, carefully dipped his chips in salsa and navigated them to his mouth. He didn't even spill a drop of salsa (which can't be said for his parents)! Woo and I were very impressed.

We had two little boys over Wednesday night while their parents went to a baseball game. The little boy Ruby's age fell asleep on the couch, and she was absolutely fascinated. Every time we turned around, she was leaning over him, a centimeter away from his face. I don't really know what she wanted to do. It looked like she was kissing him. Woo did catch her kissing his belly once.

Woo's week can best be described as a wrestle. He's still trying to figure out how to manage everything that's going on his life, and what he should spend time on.  His app has had a good week... breaking previous records at the beginning of the week. Apple also accepted his application to have his programs in their APP store for the iPhone. Most of his recent customers are requesting conservative talk radio for their iPhones.

This is the first week that I didn't teach seminary during Sunday School. I've been itching to change it since I got called, but the previous teachers hadn't been released yet, and they didn't have a lot of confidence that the kids would show up if it wasn't during church. Anyway, they were released, I made my changes, and I had 7 students show up. They've unfortunately been underestimated. Well, that's it for now. I hope you all have a good week. I love you.