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Archie got two teeth this week at exactly the same time. According to Linus he should be talking any day now.

One thing that I think is kind of funny about my kids is that they unanimously and wholeheartedly believe that Archie is the cutest person in the family, then Penelope, and then so on, up the ladder. No one even seems to consider that they should/could be the cutest. The title belongs to the youngest.

little boys and girls instagram

Also, if I'm playing with Archie, no one is whining that I play with them instead. They whine that I'm hogging Archie, and they want a turn.

little boys and girls instagram

Moses gave Linus his too little suit, which caused Ruby to reflect, "You know what's stupid about being oldest? You never get things handed down."

little boys and girls instagram

We went and got school clothes this week. Ruby was surprisingly very excited about three skirts. She loves them because one is camo, one is a plaid that reminds her of a kilt, and one is blue with white stars. (Ruby loves americana.)

little boys and girls instagram
little boys and girls instagramlittle boys and girls instagram

No one has told Penelope that she's supposed to deny these sorts of things ...
Someone: Who stinks?!
Penelope (excited): I do!!

In Penelope's mind "coot"= "fat ba-by"

Penelope: Etchie coot! I coot! Mom-my coot!

Etchie fat ba-by! I fat ba-by! Mom-my fat ba-by!

That last one is maybe going a bridge too far. Also, I notice she doesn't think Woo's a fat ba-by. But, I don't think she's ever said that Woo is coot either.

Me: Are you a tired little girl?
Penelope (glaring): No! I Nell-pea, Mom!

So, yes. Yes you are.

little boys and girls instagram

Herbie had a play date with a friend. When Woo went to pick Herbie up, he was outside flying a kite with his friend's big sister. His friend was playing in the house.

Herbie's always super excited to play with this friend, but I don't think I've ever seen them actually play with each other.  Herbie insists that he and his friend did tons of fun stuff together, and that they like each other a lot. Riiiiiiight.

little boys and girls instagramlittle boys and girls instagram

Woo has had a fun week. And by fun I mean stressful. One day he worked 12 hours on a problem without making any progress. He later qualified that by saying that he did learned a lot of things that weren't going to work. That's a form of progress.

He's decided not to teach another semester of his online course, so that's one thorn out of his side. It was pretty painful for him there, the last couple of months, I think.

little boys and girls instagram

Linus likes to start all his words with the letter F or a FW. Actually, I think it's all words that start with a consonant blend (You'll have to ask Woo. He's the one who pays the most attention to proper enunciation.)

The one that I giggle about the most is whenever he says, FWOTCH! (That's crotch, and yes, he always seems to be yelling it. You'd be surprised how often it's necessary for him to say, as well.)

One time he kept going on and on about the Fed. We finally figured out he was talking about the sled. Which made a lot more sense.

little boys and girls instagram

Moses begged me to take a couple of naps this week, which I was happy to let him take. We'll see how he does when school starts. I won't lie, I'm a little nervous, but I am excited for him to start kindergarten, mostly because he is so excited.

little boys and girls instagram

He also lost his first lost tooth, and he was very proud, as he should be.