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Monday: Penelope learns to put on her own footy pajamas. (aka "hammies!")

little boys and girls instagram

Tuesday: Linus decides it's time he started making his own PBJs. 

Also, I learned why Herbie occasionally asks to go by Herbert.
Herbie: The other kids make fun of my name. Even my friends. 
Me: Oh? What do they say? 
Herbie: They say it's a girl name. Because of the way it ends. And because it starts with an H.  
They say the same thing to Henry.
Which only cements the fact that 2nd graders don't know much, and that every kid gets their name made fun of at some point -- even the Henrys of the world.

little boys and girls instagram

Wednesday: I drove down for Tyson's Survivor Premiere party leaving Woo and the kids at home. I had fun. He "survived." (His joke :).

little boys and girls instagram

Thursday: Grandma and Blake drove up for the day. They took kids to the park in the morning while Woo and I worked on installing the toilet in the back bathroom. In the afternoon, Grandma weeded around my porch and planted mums.

little boys and girls instagram

Friday: The mystery of the carpet pee-er was solved -- Moses. Woo kept his temper enough to google it and find only about 80 million other people having the same problem with their 5 yr old boys. He laughed, had a little talk with Moses about the difference between man and dogs, and Moses is totally over it -- just kidding. We don't actually know yet.

I drove to the school district office to place Ruby and Herbie in dual enrollment. My plan is to keep them home one day a week and start work on a language. Ruby has wanted to learn German and Herbie has wanted to learn Portuguese for a very long time, and I found highly praised language courses available through our library. 

I'm *hoping* that they'll be less over-stressed after their long school days (They're gone just shy of 8 hours a day, with less than an hour recess total), the actual school work they do at school will be a bit more challenging, and as an added benefit, we'll get some foreign language learning out of it. (I personally am very, very tempted to learn some more Arabic.) Anyway, we won't know for sure until we try it, so we'll see.

Woo had a little camp out in the back yard with Herbie as a reward for not throwing an atomic bomb tantrum in a long, long time.
Woo (chatting while gazing at the sky): What's your favorite part about school, Herbie? 
Herbie: Hmmmm ... Math! And tests!
little boys and girls instagram

Saturday: I felt great thanks to my nice, long run. I went faster and farther than I have in a long time. 

Woo was depressed (work stress and lack of sleep). He came home from an errand with 3 tubs of ice cream and a large bag of Lays potato chips.

Sunday: Archie continues to be a treasured and rare commodity in Sunday School. Today he was held by a BYU professor and played with his wife's bracelets. His brow was furrowed in concentration the entire time.

Well, that's all for our week. Hope yours was great!